By sorry dawg - 29/8/2019 20:00
Today, my coworker had been distraught over not being able to keep his dog after his divorce, so trying to be sweet, I'd ordered a specially-made stuffy that looked like it. I put it on his desk with a note and cookies. He thought I was mocking him and threw the plate at me. FML
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  alycion  |  38

When people are going through tough times, they often feel everyone and everything is against them. Not everyone respects how bonded some pet owners become with their fur babies and do make fun of us. My boss couldn’t understand why I didn’t go back to work after putting my bearded dragon down because it was just a lizard to him. To me, he was my buddy. I reacted poorly to everyone who made fun of me for it and I was always on guard for being made fun of for it.

His reaction was over the top. Op was being sweet. Hopefully he will apologize. But one bad action does not make the person bad. His like probably feels like it’s falling apart which causes extreme over sensitivity in some. A symptom of depression, even situational depression.

By  RichardPencil  |  28

I'd think seeing such a stuffed animal in those circumstances would fill me with sorrow and anger. But, then...cookies!

The cookies would prevent me from stuffing the stuffed animal into you.

By  iamnuff  |  11

Yeah, that's an awful and thoughtless thing to do.

'Yeah, so your companion that you love is gone forever, but you can just replace it with this lifeless replica'

Maybe your heart was in the right place, but use your brain a little before touching such a sensitive subject.
Granted, throwing a plate at you was an over-reaction, but he had every right to be upset.

  LostSoul  |  19

I know a lot of people who have lost pets and they had these made themselves. Maybe not be an insensitive pansy. Not to mention many people get clay paw prints made of dead pets. Their pets are gone forever. This guy is butthurt cause it turns out his wife left him for a reason and got the dog for a reason.