By Emliy - 01/08/2014 05:06 - United States - Malta

Today, my fiancé said "Rachel" instead of my name when asked to repeat, "I take thee, Emily, to be my lawfully wedded wife." I was shocked, so he explained while laughing that he doesn't even know a Rachel. He ruined our wedding for a Friends quote. FML
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Hey guys, I'm the OP. To clear a few things up, he didn't exactly ruin the wedding. He and I have always been able to joke back and forth, and quoting shows in fitting situations is almost like a contest to us, to see who can quote a show or movie that matches the situation the fastest and the best. Before the wedding, I was winning at this game, and he saw our wedding as the PERFECT opportunity to take the lead. This wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't visibly shaking and feeling like I was about the puke throughout the whole ceremony. Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart and knew it was the right decision to marry him, but I was still a bundle of nerves. So when he said "Rachel," I immediately burst into tears, because my immediate thought was he was either cheating on me or in love with someone else (I knew the Friends quote, but when you're that invested in what's happening around you, your first thought isn't exactly going to be Ross Geller). So I guess I technically ruined the wedding a little more than him with my horrible sobbing that wouldn't stop even after I had forgiven him... After I calmed down, we went through with the rest of the ceremony. No slaps across the face, no leaving at the altar. We've been together since 8th grade, so I wasn't about to leave him after over 12 years of nothing but love and care.

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"The One Where He Misreads his Vows"

Glad you were able to provide some context, OP, since that 300-character limit leaves so much room for (mis)interpretation! It sounds like you've got a good attitude about all this and will be able to laugh at it when you tell the story later. Congratulations!


Ruined it? He made awesome

Is it bad that I already thought of friends when I got to the word "Rachel"?

I agree. not ruined. best wedding ever. I'm sure once you get over it, you'll laugh. he's awesome.

Nope, thought to same thing!

I think in 10 years, this will be a hilarious story. I can understand why she's not thrilled right now, though...

YES! Your husband is the best!

sourgirl101 28

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Someone has a stick up her ass.

_spacekid 11

Okay ... It would still be funny, have a sense of humor.

Twisted_Angel 17

Have a sense of humor, it was funny. Don't be such a sour puss.

#19 Nope, had the same thought!

All those thumbs up sure aren't for your grammar.

I have to agree with 74. it won't be a funny memory, it's just pathetic.

schhichick 14

did his father in law also pay for your fathers house renovation?

No, I think it is hilarious but it didn't happen to me. I can understand why OP is upset as a wedding is a special day and OP might have been embarassed and shocked and angry when that happens. You plan everything and you probably have lots of hormones and emotions and if he said the wrong name you would be very upset. Once he'd said it was a joke you might still be too shocked to take it in.

Best wedding ever! Your husband's awesome!

friends is NOT funny.

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Life is too short to take seriously

DeltaDragonxx 20

Why? I am sure that we was very nervous, which, if your not a robot, you know makes you do really stupid things. He made a simple mistake, and its all cleared up,. What you just said is the same as saying that someone should slap you every time you get nervous around you crush. Think before you speak, child.

If op were to slap him then I hope the guy took back the ring and walked out. That's what I do if by fiancee slapped me for making a joke.

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@55 It's one way to make a moment memorable and something that could be laughed at in the future. I wouldn't be angry if my partner did it, I would just laugh.

@55 Says who? I've seen brides and grooms making jokes before, during, and after.

@36... You, sir, are a dumb ass. Please re-read entire FML. READ before you COMMENT perhaps. -_-

you have to know your partner. If she got upset because you ruined HER wedding with a joke (No matter how good or lame it may be) then you obviously don't know your partner very well.

#36 was only replying to a comment that said that OP should have slapped him

you maam are a dumbass as well. 39 was replying to the female who commented on this.. lol be nice.. dont treat people so rudely.

It's not just her wedding, it's their wedding. If she doesn't know him enough to know that he likes to crack jokes then obviously she doesn't know him very well. She shouldn't have taken it so seriously it will make her wedding stand out, since many are pretty boring anyway.

"The One Where He Misreads his Vows"

I think you are overeacting a tiny bit. How did that ruin your wedding? He just gave it a little spice.

I dont see why ^^^ is being downvoted he has a point

Because people think a guy shouldn't try and have fun at his wedding. Instead he's supposed to be silent while the girl gets all the attention she wants.

Who the **** told you that retarded statement?! It's as much about the groom as it is the bride. @44

Not joking. A girl I have a class with actually believes this. Sometimes it's hard living with people like this.

That being said, she probably got really upset when the joke was made, and likely other guests were shocked too. Regardless of finding out soon after, that feeling was still there on a day that's supposed to be entirely happy.

I'm sure different couples tolerate different levels of "fun" in the wedding ceremony, but these were the VOWS. You know, the part where you promise to love the other person for the rest of your life? Basically the entire reason the wedding exists. And he said the wrong name. Yeah, he ruined it.

I'm starting to think it wasn't him that ruined the wedding, but instead her. Notice OP said "fiancé" instead of "husband"? I may be wrong and she's just talking in past tense, but it sounds to me like she got upset and called the wedding off.

-45 maybe because the groom has a simple suit and tie and doesn't walk down the aisle, while the girl gets a giant dress and get to walk making her the center if attention >_>

69, you can't promise someone that you'll love them for the rest of your life. you never know how you'll feel in the future.

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DeltaDragonxx 20

I think that she should be less worried. It shows that he was obviously nervous, which mean that he most likely loves her very much. Think before you speek, child.

Delta, I think you're missing the whole thing. He was quoting a tv show, it wasn't nerves. At that, he was quoting possibly the most popular tv show of all time. It's strange that you missed that.

What's with people adding "child' and " little girl" to their comments when they argue recently? It doesn't make everyone think you're an adult and right, it makes them think you're an ass even if your argument is right.

delta I feel like your your just trolling FML and misspelling speak and making it speek.

DeltaDragonxx 20

doesn't matter if it was a TV show, he meant to say his brides name, but messed up, and said the exact quote. it was the nervousness that made him mess up.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Delta, I think it's pretty obvious to everyone but you that he did it on purpose. He was making a joke. Some might find it funny, and some might find it intolerable, but that is kinda the point of humor.

DeltaDragonxx - A 24-year old calling someone "child" is laughable, especially when (s)he is simply speaking idealistically. Get off your high ******* horse before you fall. You don't know half as much as you think you do.

I love how you call people children when you don't even read the fml to understand it

he was being funny, so chill your pants. he isn't your boyfriend, so again, chill your pants

I would be a little shocked at first too, but after hearing it's a friends quote I would think that was hilarious myself. Don't be so upset OP life is too short. Just be glad he REALLY didn't mistake your name for an actual Rachel.

I would marry Rachel

Sorry to break it to you but no one cares.

mvc3ftw 17

that's news to me.

Best weddings have their own flavor.

He must like to watch friends

DeltaDragonxx 20

You don't say...

He made your wedding famous

There's no names to give credit to.