By alcomom - 01/07/2020 02:02

Today, I spent ages prepping, chopping, bagging and freezing lots of fruits and veggies for my mom. I also bought her a juicer and alkaline water to help combat some of her health issues. I walked into the kitchen to see her mixing her juice with vodka and rum instead of the water. FML
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bloopaloop 27

My grandma drinks like a fish. She’s 94 and doing great!

I wonder how she got those health issues...


I wonder how she got those health issues...

Just get her to drink screwdrivers and Bloody Marys and congratulate yourself on getting her to consume more fruits and vegetables. Baby steps.

HokieJ 10

Well, she's half way there. Baby steps! Just replace the vodka with water in the bottle. Problem solved!

bloopaloop 27

My grandma drinks like a fish. She’s 94 and doing great!

ops mom unfortunately doesn't seem to be in that situation

same thing! lol

crashtestdumplin 16

I know that can be frustrating, setting someone up for success only to have them do the opposite. You can’t make your mom make the right decisions but if her unhealthy lifestyle is causing a serious concern then I’d say have a one-on-one heart-to-heart with them or depending on their personality, an intervention type style, sometimes it takes more than one person to voice the same concern, in a different way, to get through to the person. There’s no easy way to go about this, but I wish you luck OP.

To be fair, alkaline water has as many verified positive health benefits as rum (Specifically none, though it at least doesn’t have negatives too).

genuinegoodguy 9

I think I can see where some of the health issues might come from. And what is alkaline water?? Really?

Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Did she ask for any of this? Because if she didn't then it's your fault for trying to change her. ydi