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Today, while at Six Flags my boyfriend won a huge stuffed animal for me. After a whole day of carrying it around, when he dropped me off he told me that he wants the stuffed animal back. He just didn't want to carry it around all day. FML
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Its not's genius!...and a dick thing to do.

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I love the name/picture thing you've got going on the window licker...

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You should put it in the cool story box. [__]

What heterosexual male wants a stuffed animal? OP needs to tell him to come out of the closet...not hatin just sayin.

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He wants a stuffed animal why?

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82- hey man don't diss a dudes plushies!!

82 stop assuming. people like you are the one's destroying our society.

Not lazy, just a douche bag. I would of ran inside with it, cut its head off, and threw it in the mudd before giving it back. But thats just me... :}

Hey that's mean! ^^^ I would've kept the toy!!

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What do think? Would you expect a huge-ass stuffed bear to still be on a bench after leaving it there for 5+ hours?

I know you wanted to be first very very very badly but put a bit of thought process into your comments PLz. I'd honestly like to know your thought process that not at any moment you did not think that some bastard would steal something that awesome during the hours and hours it would be sitting there.

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2, these kinds of comments are why you're forever alone.

don't be so harsh. Op and her boyfriend could have easily walked ti their car, put it in the car, and reentered the park.

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Have you ever been to a six flags? Those places are massive!! Hell astroworld in houston you had to walk across a bridge over a highway to get to the park from the parking lot! Fiesta Texas is a little better but still it's not like the mall where your car is right outside. If they weren't waiting at th gate at the crack of dawn they more than likely got stuck in the back of the parking lot.

Take him to court. His neglect of the little guy and the fact that you're obviously a good mother who took care of him should be enough to gain custody ;)

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Uhhh... No, I don't understand you sir.

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Dumped and fluffy animal lacking boyfriend! Her response "ugh.. No. Also, don't call anymore, you're a dick" *slams door, takes stuffed animal*

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76- that seems like it would be a gross overreaction.

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Probably got a little more goin for him rather than just brains. But that whole deal was pretty clever!

when you say "he's a keeper" are you referring to the teddy bear?

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Does no one understand sarcasm anymore?! -__-

Cut the head off and give it back to him

Tell him you want your ex back but your just settling for the time being. :)

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What if thats her first bf n he knows it

Wats the point of having a stuffed animal?

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I think the real question is what's the point of NOT having one?

12-I don't know. That seems a little extreme.

Sounds like someone had their stuffed animals taken away as a child