By BeccaRaye - 11/03/2016 18:19

Today, I walked into the bathroom at work, only to witness a woman with her shirt pulled up giving herself a sink bath. FML
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well, it sounds like she's probably not having the best day either.


Oh, definitely! People are weird about that sometimes, though.

It's possible she's homeless or struggling in some other way, far enough getting a bit of a shock but it's the woman having the sponge bath we should be feeling sorry for

football98_fml 20

Well someone hasn't payed their water bill..

I once saw a woman there open an ice cream freezer and put her ass in there. I have no idea why.

It's too bad they don't sell brain bleach at Walmart.

yellowzinnias 20

#38 Funniest thing I've ever read xD

Shadowvoid 33

This is only narrowly acceptable if you work at McDonald's OP

At a McDonald's I go to sometimes, I walked in and discovered that someone shaved in the toilet. He left the razor, a bunch of shaving cream, and a mountain of pubes and beard hair. I feel bad for whoever had to clean that up.

I had a similar situation like that happen to me, as I do the cleaning of the bathrooms in the mall. I think the guy was homeless. Needless to say, it took a lot of paper towels to get all the hairs off the counter.

Took me a few reads before I realized she wasn't giving birth in the sink, thank god XD

I misread that as "stink bath" which confused me for a second.