By PrestonW - 09/02/2011 15:53

Today, I finally got a reply to the letter to a celebrity that I had to write for my English class. It was a restraining order. FML
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You probably shouldn't have detailed how you stand outside her bedroom window every night and touch yourself.

You were only supposed to write one, not a hundred.


haha well done! your creepy even when you don't try =)

Yeah, just like the other two thousand or so people who moderated* it also. IMO, the dumbasses who scream out "OMG, I moded this guiz!" are just as bad as the people who cry "first!".

she's also creepy for sending a letter to Justin Beiber

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That is not funny. The OP is probably very depress and just sad.

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make a website out of it. sell add space.

what the hell did they write?? "oh Justin, if I can't have you, no one can. please accept this blood sample as a token of my love, and this pubic hair sample to show what you are missing, both figuratively and literally"

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if there was a love button on fml then I would press it on your comment

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I don't know if everyone would understand your Jodie Foster comment but I did!(: I would have guessed David Letterman.

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I do not understand the foster joke. Who is she? Is she a model?

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She was the reason President Ragan was shot. And she's an actress. Taxi Driver quote. "You talking to me?"

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Oh, Pen. I was starting to believe you only leave comments to piss off the Americans that think this site is only for them.(:

What are you doing on my site you commies?

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sour 0 out of 69 fmls? u fail.

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funnyfmls I accidentally clicked on your profile, and I thought I should inform you "Natzi" is spelled Nazi.

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Ugly girl I'm sure your beautiful on the inside

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Did the celeb sign it, if so you got yourself an autograph.

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haha even ppl who don't know you think your a douche

says the douche leaving irrelevant comments to hide his own insecurities about being a douche.

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wow won't that be an awkward moment when ya gotta see him again huh?

You probably shouldn't have detailed how you stand outside her bedroom window every night and touch yourself.

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That is not funny. Maybe a little. How did the OP got the address of the celebrity?

Highly doubt that, unless you actually made an effort to come across as threatening, *one* letter from a fan would be enough for them to take out a restraining order against you. Unless the person in question has severe issues, at least, in which case it isn't really your fault that they're that over-sensitive.

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I was just about to say this. and another thing the celebs barely ever read the letters anyways

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Hey find out where they live, and knock on the door, n you'll get to see them in person! in court!

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was mailing the letter part of your assignment? what kind of English class is that?!