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  jibz  |  6

Yeah, just like the other two thousand or so people who moderated* it also. IMO, the dumbasses who scream out "OMG, I moded this guiz!" are just as bad as the people who cry "first!".

  insanesna1l  |  0

what the hell did they write??
"oh Justin, if I can't have you, no one can. please accept this blood sample as a token of my love, and this pubic hair sample to show what you are missing, both figuratively and literally"

By  lainzilla  |  14

Highly doubt that, unless you actually made an effort to come across as threatening, *one* letter from a fan would be enough for them to take out a restraining order against you. Unless the person in question has severe issues, at least, in which case it isn't really your fault that they're that over-sensitive.