By Anonymous - 11/03/2016 19:44 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my boss - whose intelligence level hovers a hair above "Herpity derpity derp" - got up my ass and accused me of lying to him. All because I said that just because I'm a network admin, I can't make his 7 year old piece of crap Blackberry magically be able to use 4G networks. FML
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lexiieeex3 32

The "herpity derp derp" heavily resonated with me.

Show him the BBC video My Blackberry is not Working to proof you're right


Show him the BBC video My Blackberry is not Working to proof you're right

kyu_Q 19

Damn, the hard part about this is that any explaination you give him would go over his derpity head or he would just think you can't do your job as a network admin. You're probably screwed FYL indeed.

"Ok then Jenkins, I'm sending you to a week-long magicians seminar to get you up to snuff."

Some people just want things to magically go their way :P sounds like some boss to deal with everyday, FYL OP

JMichael 25

I feel like at some point we all just want to press that easy button so life goes our way. Unfortunately life sucks and OP's boss needs to get a clue.

If he's the boss, why can't he afford a better phone?

Some people let the company supply their phone and pay for their phone contract, and they use it as either just their work phone or both their work and personal phone. The IT team are usually in charge of getting the upgrades for people, setting them up and handing them over. If there are any issues with the phones people just take them back to the IT team. I say team - in both my current and previous jobs there was only one guy who had that role.

Also, even if they can afford it, not everyone gets the new or latest phones when they come out. Sometimes they keep their old phone and wait until it dies completely, or they just have no use for the new smart phone types.

What, did you sleep through the "secret magical powers" part of the net admin course?

You'll surpass him if that's where his intelligence lays.

RedCronos 17

The ignorance is strong with this one.