By hairdresser - 09/03/2013 09:05 - Australia

Today, my boss told me that, while he respects the fact that I have my own style, I have to stop wearing "that hideous wig" because apparently, it "makes the clientele uncomfortable". I don't have a wig. It's my natural hair. FML
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Now I'd like to know what your hair looks like...

Yes. Telling your boss to **** off is always a good idea, especially when he made a suggestion to improve business. Want to know a better idea? Telling an idiot commenter to **** off.


Now I'd like to know what your hair looks like...

Maybe it's time to get a new kind of hair cut :)

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I would too. I'm picturing a Galager/Dolly Parten mix...

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Yeah, because that's going to fly. OP will end up on the dole line. When you are at work you represent the company. If you look bad, the company looks bad. YDI, OP. Get a haircut or some hair products.

Yes. Telling your boss to **** off is always a good idea, especially when he made a suggestion to improve business. Want to know a better idea? Telling an idiot commenter to **** off.

2- that would be a good thing for the boss. Then he would have a legitimate reason to fire OP and he wouldn't have to fire her for that ugly hot mess that died on her head. Way easier to avoid paying unemployment if said employee told you to **** off.

For every like you get, Doc, an idiot commenter gets banned from the site. #facebook #miracles

No, Donald Trump IS the boss, he answers to no one.

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What a disgusting person. It's your hair, you can do whatever you want with it

Not when it effects business. If a business has certain guidelines for appearance of their employees, and said employee is not in line with those standards, upper management Is in the right to ask the employee to change their look. If I hire someone with brown hair and they show up on their first day with blue hair, that doesn't fly.

Yes. You can do whatever you want with your hair. But you should first seriously consider if your hair is more important to you than your job.

16-I thought it sounded within "standards", it just for some arbitrary reason makes people uncomfortable.

42- as an employee who works with customers, you are the face of the business. If your "look" doesn't align with what the business is going for, it is in their right to ask you to make a change. You can have your hair any way you want. You can get a tattoo on your face. But don't get upset when your company no longer wants you to be the face of their business. It's the same thing as your attire. If I went to work without a tie on, I would be spoken to at the very least. I'm ok with that because I understand that my company prides itself on professional clean cut mid-managers.

45-If it weren't within standards, they'd say that instead of "some customers find your hair disturbing".

So is her username something she needs, or is that her occupation because it pretty ironic if she is a hairdresser

Unless that's why the customers are so uncomfortable. I would never trust a hairdresser with bad hair!

That's like hiring a personal trainer who is fat.

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Just talk to your boss about it

If your first comment got thumbed down what made you think posting another would go any better?

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I was going to edit it but it was already too late. So yes, I though it might help people understand.

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#49, this comment is toned down compared to the first, which was too harsh. He's calibrating.

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Yes, that's why I changed it. I though it was too harsh. I never meant to annoy people. I'm sorry if I did.

Jeez people get off his ass for once I don't see any thing wrong with his comments.

Think it's time for a trip to the barber/salon

Just keep doing your own thing. Your boss is a jerk, and the customers are judgemental pricks. They shouldn't feel uncomfortable based on someone's appearance.

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haha yeah, just keep doing your thing, it's totally cool if op gets fired. it's not like it's next to impossible to find a job now or anything -_-.

In Canada it's pretty easy to find a job.

Berryblizzard - You're 15 without a clue as to how the real world works. In reality, the proprietors of a business have the right to have their employees present themselves in a way that maximises their profits.

Considering the person is Australian, it might be difficult to find a job in Canada without relocating.

In Canada it is pretty easy to find a McJob. Maybe she has a good job and wants to keep it. If she can fix her hair, she should. If she cannot, she should get a doctors note saying there is a medical reason for her hair being like that and give it to her employer. Then she is protected against firing because she has a "disability that affects her work".