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Today, I gave my dad a brochure for anger management. His response? Throwing a chair out the window. FML
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barnmaster98 5

I don't see a problem here...

he must be angry


he must be angry

no way. I totally didn't guess that!

he was angry? i thought he threw the chair because he was soooo happy!

ragnorac 4


hobbsicle805 0

#9- It's called sarcasm

I'm pretty sure OP has the right idea on this one

juicedboi 7

Well your Anger management worked. H managed to direct his anger through the chair toss, and as a result his anger has subsided. Congratulations, you did well.

I see why you gave him the brochure.

I throw chairs outside the window, when I listen to Rebecca black

I'd throw a chair out of my window if Rebecca black was standing outside. OP you need to put pills in his drink or something. he needs to chill out!

what the shit balls!?!

HelloNoora1 0

51 it's called sarcasm

bfflrhea 0

lmfaoo!! from the earlier fml :)

Hulk smash puny chair!

Good luck trying to get him to go to classes!


Sounds like he's packed and ready to go!

enonymous 8

I pissed in his cherrios lay off him

Is it weird that your comment aroused me?

Today, I was walking down the street when a chair hit me. FML

I also do that when I see ugly chairs.

Oh come on, don't blame it on the poor chair! If it was really that ugly he could have helped it, give it a nice refinish. But noooo, he had to go flick it out a window. He could've helped it... :'(

Maybe he just has a sense of humor?

151. first off. you can't help ugly people it's a lost cause, second, it's a chair, nobody gives a shut except OP. and it wasn't "flicked" it was brutally smashed and propelled through a window due to his trouble with anger.

allenye818 2

How is he supposed to sit down & read the brochure with no chair?

itsgen 16

lol I like your pic

hahahahahahahaha good one!!

mattmadden 0

211: You sir just made an ass of yourself.

so wat did he say yes or no???

TheHoboWerewolf 0

ARGH!!! Brochure no make Hulk diesel!!!

Shouldn't have made him mad...

MrFlintstone 5

forget anger mangement you need to get the man detained!!!!!!!!!!!! jk but seriously you might need to seek so professional help.

seems like perfectly normal behaviour to me...

You must be Glad he didn't throw you out of the window

Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs!

I did the same thing with a Rubix cube.

iPoopMusic 0

Right Idea, wrong approach.

So I'm not the only one?! :D , was worried for a second there.

Naaah. He's totally calm

barnmaster98 5

I don't see a problem here...

he needs to get laid :')

Free_Candy 0

45, you need to put a shirt on.

oboewhore_xD 6

107, your name and avatar suggest otherwise.

theres always adoption, the dad still may be a virgin.

107, it's a low top :p

dont listen to 107 . in fact, take more clothes off.

tyty22796 0

i agree with 153

Free_Candy 0

You just completely owned me. Thumbs up for you!

katieklein 0

wow guys really-_-

bengermin 5

We're all missing the point. OP's dad is Bobby Knight! How cool is that!

NastyNinja31 0

op shouldn't piss him off by suggesting he has anger problems wen he obviously does not

225- I love you picture!

224 - take off more clothes 107 knows nothing.

When I read this FML, I instantly thought of Chris Brown.

SirObvious 1

is your dad turrets guy?

meth is a hell of a drug

No #259, you're supposed to say, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug."

lol. he has serious issues!

at least the window was open..

yeah someone should suggest anger management class


3- what was your first clue

everybodyluvsMEN 0

Does this remind anybody else of Angry Chair by Alice in Chains? Lol

he needs anger management classes

Hence the brochure :P

lol oh yeah :p

HarryMcC 1


No shit, Sherlock.

holy shit thank you captain obvious

TheChampagneBoi 5


tybtab 5

first bitches and your dad needs help

5th actually ..


valdancer99 0


I think he's okay..

CatEyes66 0

OP pretty much just told "The Hulk" to calm down, bad idea.

it's a funny story to tell later on

Is your dad Chris brown?

I see no problem. He obviously doesn't need your brochure.

or the chair.. (:

tyty22796 0

haha lmao

he can manage his own anger by throwing chairs

Just take him yourself?

silly goose how will get him in the car with out being shot

salvorican 24

Tell him they're going to go to dairy queen and take him there while he's distracted by the delicious ice cream cone :D

TheBrickWithouse 10

sounds like normal, healthy behavior to me.

and now he knows when his dad is mad instead of giving him a brochure give him a chair

Zaira921 7

At least he threw a chair out the window instead of you. ^_^

cudi504 4

i guess no one cares about the chair then

tyty22796 0

IKR!! i feelbad for tht chair...its probably all broken and shit!