By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was working at a portrait studio and was taking pictures of a little girl, I kept telling the girl to stop making silly faces when she smiles because her eyes go cross-eyed. After the third time I said it her mom grabbed the little girl and left. Turns out, she was naturally cross-eyed. FML
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  hannah341  |  10

I agree if you were not informed by her mother how should you know it was natural. Unless she took of glasses which are usually given to those who suffer this (ie my grandpa), FYL

  xixifwadi  |  0

How many times do you think the mom has to explain that something is wrong about her child? After a while it starts to get to you. Imagine the moms pain and the kids. It sucks to be noticabley different when you arnt even trying.

  Peachy2392  |  26

I get your point, however, in a situation like this it would have been beneficial if the mom had said something. She could have called ahead so it wouldn't embarrass her daughter or spoken privately to the photographer that day. I don't think the mother handled this situation very well.