By WanstinChurchHill - United States
Today, I met a nice girl and decided to ask her out. Later on she showed me a picture of her with her family, she was wearing red and everyone else black. I said jokingly "you look like the adopted child" only to find out that her had parents died and she was indeed adopted. FML
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  genius_man16  |  0

I really don't get these adoption jokes. I'm not saying I'm offended by them, because I'm not, I just don't get how anyone thinks they are funny. I mean so what if they're adopted, does it make them less of a person? I mean really, what does it matter if someone is adopted? And how does wearing red when everyone else is wearing black = adopted?

You OP are just really stupid, and YDI.

  lexiBRo  |  0

I halfway agree.. Adopted kids kinda should just always have thicker skin. I have had people say the most ignorant things when they find out I am adopted but I never let it get to me.
Like i never quite understand why people apologize when you say you are adopted. :::rolls eyes:: It's not like you're homeless.
Hopefully,Your girlfriend is a well-adjusted individual and let that comment fly.

  ravensunnyd  |  0

well if there adopted then wouldn't you rather them be adopted and loved than live in a foster home there whole life with no compashon and she might be used to people saying stupid things like that by now

By  untalented1  |  0

these "your mum", "your dad", "you're adopted" jokes always seem funny to people until they inevitably tell one to someone who doesn't have a mum/is adopted etc.
and #9, being adopted is hardly the best thing in the world that you're making it out to be. that said, it shouldn't be the thing that makes your life hell, either. at least people love you.

  lexiBRo  |  0

#9 did not say being adopted was the greatest thing in the world but that If you are in a situation where you have no family, being adopted is the greatest gift you can get.