By Anonymous - 14/07/2013 04:13 - Canada - Sault Sainte Marie

Today, some guys were doing construction on my house, when one of them came over and started asking me about my "hot sister". That "sister" is my 13-year-old daughter. FML
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Well... At least it means you look young!

Or it means your daughter looks older, is 'well-developed' or dresses inappropriately, or the guy has bad judgement... let's not jump to conclusions too quickly.... oh wait, this is FML, it's what people do here.


Well... At least it means you look young!

Yeah, take it as something positive.

1- Hopefully, it just means he didn't get a close look at her daugther at all, but just assumes Op's younger than she appears. Hopefully. :p

It don't matter, she's still jailbait. /in a nasal cowboy drawl.

perdix 29

Yes, but it means she's the ugly older sister.

or that the kid looks old

Or it means your daughter looks older, is 'well-developed' or dresses inappropriately, or the guy has bad judgement... let's not jump to conclusions too quickly.... oh wait, this is FML, it's what people do here.

It shouldn't matter if she "dresses inappropriately." The man was hired to do work on OP's house... Not try and pick up the women who are living there. His comment is unacceptable and unprofessional no matter if OP's daughter was 12 or 20.

Wow 36 you really over thought this.

36- I thumbed you accident. You completely missed the point as well.

\ 28

Some girls try too hard.

Well we gotta come up with conclusions, esp when none are provided for us! That's part of the fun of it :D

I'm sorry, but if I hired someone to come work on my house, I'd want them to do their job. That's all I was trying to say.

Yeah, because it's so terrible to ask about a hot girl..? As soon as he found out she was 13 he probably backed off in a hurry.

118 - When I was that age some guy I didn't even know propositioned me and said it didn't matter how old I was or that I was a virgin and a lesbian, he just wanted sex because he hasn't had any in a while. I'm not saying the guy at OP's house didn't back off, some people can just be creepy as fuck.

beneathitallxx 15

Tell him her age and I'm sure it will change the situation.

MasterTron 24

Unfortunately it may not

beneathitallxx 15

The sad part is that you're right. It may not.

The sad part is that you repeated exactly what number 6 said

22, the sad part is, you can't read.

The sad part is, you've got a crazy cat about to attack you and this comment has nothing to do with anything relating to the FML.

The sad part is: there's so many sad commenters finding sad parts.

63- the sad part is, you broke the chain.

The sad part is sad.


\ 28

And jail is just a room.

And the man behind you is totally not going to make you his bitch.

Zimmington 21


What? Kick who out? OP mentioned no man living there.

I'm sure the workmen would feel embarrassed to learn she is 13. Unless they're pedophiles, then in that case, break their legs. have them killed.

53, you can kick someone out of your home without them living there Right on 67!

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however that sounds no good for your 13yrs old daughter. you need to take care of her.

This could be good or bad. Let's look at the positives: -you look young -you have a pretty daughter And now the negatives: -old men are creepily watching your young daughter. Technically, the positives out weigh the negatives so be positive and look at the silver lining! For more life evaluations, life coaching and lessons in positive thinking call 04383827383 Oops that was Perdix's number...

The guys aren't necessarily old men, and, if they thought that the Mother and Daughter were sisters, it might mean that the Daughter looks the same age as the Mother, even if they aren't the same age.

he could have been 18 and just started working. and maybe his daughter looks older than 13. maybe she looks 15 or 16.

New workers required

I wouldn't know whether to be upset, or happy....

And what did you say to him?