By Anonymous - 18/02/2012 12:16 - United States

Today, I realized that my fiancé only touches me when he wants to have sex. Any other contact is purely accidental. FML
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Can't touch this lol. Sorry, had to :)

Break up with him and say it was purely accidental.


eastsidesoldier 7

Lol that sux

ppeanutbutter 1

No shit sherlock

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This was such an incredible comment. Tell me, how much thought did you have to put into this?

#1 Just like your comment. Ohhh burn..

thats the way it is with me and my wife. we touch each other all the time...

lebronesque73091 12

Just let him know that you want to be touched/held more. Communication is a very important in any relationship.

skata 4

39- you just had to let us all know that didn't you?

Hmm I wonder what kind of "touching" OP meant?

Snuggling, cuddling, a stray hand on the back, things like that.

Hey thanks #138 Silly me I thought OP was talking about like sex or something lol

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chillyCholo 5

Is that a question or a statement?

Brilliant comment my good sir. The combination of those three simple letters, pure genius! Leaving the comment without a question mark or a period to leave us guessing what your trying to say, you must be born with genetics of the great philosophers.

33- the level of sarcasm emanating from your comment is through the roof. Well done.

33 you're comment made my day

#33 You're* #47 Your*.

Can't touch this lol. Sorry, had to :)

At least he doesn't touch you too much.

stop! Hammer time!

What a jerk! If it's like that then whenever he touches you, just assume it was accidental and he doesn't want sex:)

adropofpeace 8

Too much? In a healthy relationship there is no "too much". I let my man touch as much as he wants. Too much. Kids these days.

Groucho_fml 5

The hammer is my penis.

155 is the new standard for all women. Get on her level. Jkjkjk But seriously, get on her level.

Y r u engaged then ?

Y r u tlking lik dis?

The question is, why are you?

It may be a guy...I'm talking about OP

Who gives a shit about how he spells. It's a good question. There's no reason for her to be engaged to the guy then. Damn you people are retarded and get way off topic. Ready to jump down someone throat if the don't spell the way you want them to. Move on.

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Lmao that does suck

gloopyone 4

Obviously it "sucks" the OP already told us they have sex.

bacon1043 3

Both of you.. No.


Break up with him and say it was purely accidental.

OP might be a Guy!

Unless they're in New York, reread the fucking fml.

Yea great idea, dump his ass op thats the best way to solve the problem.

if you do it over text, you could say it was an autocorrect :)

DeboDaGreat 3

Thats messed up. But who doesn't like sex?

contedefees 11

You can like sex and like other forms of intimacy. Like most people.

He could be worse, and not tell you when he wants to have sex, then get mad for you not knowing when he wants to

Kind of like how girls are with everything else? ????

12-OP might be a guy…There are homos sadly...

cruisinslow 4

You sir deserve an award

Are you retarded. You must be a failure in every relationship you have.

Currently, I've had a gf that is hot, sexy, and won't leave at all...I'm only 13...Me:100 You:-50. I win!!

Btw, wtf it modded my comment, I forget wat I wrote..

if you want to be touched then just have constant sex. win-win

phantumgrey 6


well at least there's some contact!