By Shadyblood - Puerto Rico
Today, my drunk uncle threw my brand new iPhone 3GS into my pool, ruining it completely. When I asked him to pay for the 600 dollar replacement cost, he said he wasn't responsible for his drunken actions. All of my family members are on his side. FML
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Actually he most likely didn't spen $600 on the phone when he got it. When you sign up for the contract or get your upgrade it's usually way less then the replacement fee/full cost on the phone.

To OP: FYL and I agree with everyone saying to get drunk and ruin something of his.

  Illumi113  |  0

OP: FYL. You completely did not deserve this. Tell you're uncle he absolutely is responsible for his actions when he's drunk. Unless somebody forced the alcohol down his throat, he made the decision to get that drunk in the first place, and he is therefore responsible for his actions even when he is drunk. If he still won't pay, take him to court. See if you can't trick him into putting his actions and his reasoning in writing beforehand. No judge or jury would take his side. Don't take this lying down! Stand up for yourself!


ok not really... i mean it has nothing to do with someone throwing it in the pool for no reason, they should definitely pay for it thats bs.

how is the replacement $600 if the phone only costs $200? that makes no sense at all

  lexiBRo  |  0

@ 156 When you buy a cellphone with a contract the cellphone provider subsidizes the price of the phone in exchange for the contract. If you already have a contract and are replacing the phone they dont need to subsidize the price of the phone anymore bc they got their hands in your wallet anyway. So that is why a 200 phone can cost 600 to replace.

  KO2  |  0

It's cheaper if you sign a contract; then, if you need to replace or wish to change the phone on the existing contract you pay full price.
OP, your Uncle sounds like a grade 'A' jerk as does the rest of your family if they agree with him!

  deathmajestic  |  0

get drunk and
1. light his house on fire
2. steal $600 from him
3. rip up his car tires and short out the battery
4. and ruin his reputation by telling everyone he has herpies

you will not be responsible