By maxedoutidiot - 13/12/2012 02:14 - United States

Today, my drunk girlfriend maxed out my credit card, on an "authentic" Jesus Christ autograph on eBay. FML
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Wait a minute.. Your girlfriend is the one who beat me to it!

Report it as a fraudulent charge, dump her, and move on. Bullet: dodge.


Wait a minute.. Your girlfriend is the one who beat me to it!

"Don't trust everything you read on the Internet." -JFK EDIT: Didn't mean to thread jack with this. No idea why it posted as a reply to number one.

HeyArnold91 8

#1 your picture and the comment go so well in this case

3, even though you didn't mean to thread jack, according to the girl, in the State Farm commercial who is about to go on a date with a "French model", everything is true if it on the internet. Where did she head that? The internet. It cracks me up how foolish people can be when purchasing items online without making sure what they are about to purchase is, in fact, real. To OP, why is she still your girlfriend???

*if it is on the internet. My bad.

Oh my gosh, where did she hear, not head*. I think it is best if I call it a night before I look anymore idiotic.

Actually, it doesn't.

#1 that comment was hilarious! It made my day. Kind of. :P EDIT: OP- Be thankful she was just drunk. Be glad she doesn't act like that when she's sober.

change girlfriend!!! best option for sure!

Must be an old photo.

I wonder what other shenanigans OPs girlfriend gets into when she is drunk

She sounds like a genius...

Steve95401 49

No, she sounds like an idiot who drinks more than she can handle.

Mister_Triangle 21

#4 sounds like sarcasm to me

Report it as a fraudulent charge, dump her, and move on. Bullet: dodge.

Still responsible for first $50.. other then that he's good...

enormouselephant 15

Or report that it's not authentic to eBay and get a refund. That's craziness!

Some guy can have the name Jesus Christ and sign it himself..

True true. It's all in the fine print. The ad has to technically be 100% true but you can hide stuff in the fine print.

That's why you shouldn't share your account details to your family, not even your girlfriend.

I had to read this a couple times. It's sad that someone could really be that gullible.

(Oops. Commented in wrong place.)

It happens. Now I'm curious as to what you said to who.

Won't take long to find it. It's most likely nearby xP

To be fair, she was drunk. People do stupid things when they're drunk.

Jesus, what an idiot. Also, who buys autographs? They're meaningless unless you get them yourself imo.

Maybe she thought it would save her?

One does not simply get saved from thine own stupidity

hewro_failure 11

You almost deserve this because we obviously know you aren't dating her for her intelligence which means you are shallow and deserve a smack in the face as a wake up call

They could have easily bonded over a common interest since that's how genuine relationships usually begin. Doesn't mean he's shallow at all just because she proved herself to be an idiot. The fact that he posted this as an FML shows that he actually values intelligence over the latter.

She could actually be smart to a point.. Alcohol does make people stupid and have less inhibitions while intoxicated... I hope the GF learned not to drink this much again and that Op needs to keep his credit card to himself...

Ins0mau 20

Dating on intelligence alone is just as shallow as dating on looks alone. There's a lot more to a person than BOTH these qualities.

10, you should stop assuming so many things. Trust me, it will only cause problems.

I wouldn't date someone I consider stupid and I wouldn't date someone I consider ugly. It's not shallow, the relationship won't work if I believe they are stupid or dumb. What I consider as dumb/ugly is personal, but everyone does it. Some people *like you* just feel like they are above looks and etc. You wouldn't date someone you are not attracted to. You wouldn't be attracted to someone you think is stupid.

Well that escalated quickly.

Pffft.... She obviously got it as a Christmas present for you, OP! Albeit with yoyr own money.... but still it's the thought that counts, drunken or not :)

Holy shit :/ your*

Yeah, how did autocorrect did not catch "yoyr"? Btw, cool stache.

Many thanks :) I worked hard on it. My FML app for Windows phone doesn't support Autocorrect, and my touchscreen keyboard is shit. Makes for many, many typos -_-

florido_fml 10

The mustache is such a turn on

21- look who's talking "how did autocorrect did not…" really?

60 If you want to be an ass about it.. I can to.. The "L" should have been uppercase. It is the start of the sentence and you bothered to put a question mark..

krisanda 5

YDI for allowing a GIRLFRIEND access to your $. Unless she swiped your card. In that case, FYL

enormouselephant 15

For some reason swiping my card on my keyboard never seems to help me pay for things on eBay.

garrett8614 2

I think 16 may have meant swiped as in stole.

56- I think 46 was making a joke.

TallMist 32

Actually, I heard they are trying to make card swipers you can hook up to your computer. I don't remember where or if it's true, but I did.