By McFizzy321 - United States - Merritt Island
Today, I went on a cruise. I gave my bags to a porter, and tipped him $5. Later that night, my bags still hadn't arrived at my room, and that's when I realized that I'd paid a fake porter to steal my bags. FML
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  buck33  |  14

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the workers might take bags while the ship is still docked, right? So that guy may have just snuck off the boat and into the city.

  benmec  |  18

Mr janglybits... My guess is you've never been on a cruise before. Clearly you have no understanding of the logistics of the boarding passenger process.

  Feverrotes  |  15

I also noticed that #1 and #3 both basically said the same thing.
Somehow #1's comment is buried while #3's comment, at the time of this comment, is up there as one of the top comments.

  Ryan_Jaxson  |  8

The thief probably took all the valuable items from the bag and dumped the rest of it into the sea so he wouldn't be caught dead with the luggage. It's what I would've done anyway.

  zingline89  |  18

Water you trying to do here? This is no place for puns, I ashore you. I'll give you just this one stern warning, but from now on leave the puns to those of us who have amast a few more comments on this site.

Poop deck.

By  annie_nk  |  22

Is it possible he left the ship before it set sail? Or are porters on ships doing their jobs after it sets sail? It seems dumb this guy would try to hide on a ship with stolen goods. OP saw his face and cruises last a few days or more so he can easily be caught.

  morella_xx  |  29

I went on a cruise over the summer with Carnival. We dropped our bags at the pier and they went in a service entrance (deck 3 or 4) to be scanned, while passengers went up a ramp to deck 8. It seems entirely possible to me that a thief could show up and just look mildly official with a clipboard, tell people he'll handle their luggage, and then drive off with it. But hopefully it's still on-board and just got delivered to the wrong room!

By  Kukironosuke  |  16

Why do people think the guy will still be on the boat? It sounds obviously like the person offered to help her get her bags onto the boat, as she was getting onto the boat, and he will be long gone by this point. Also, you shouldn't know what a porter is. Unless someone with clear insignia that they work for the ship company talks to you, you shouldn't trust your stuff with anyone. If by some chance the guy had everything that one of their employees should have, which seems farfetch'd, then fyl. Report it to the ship company that someone is impersonating their employees

By  feldco1  |  17

Smart guy. Never been on a cruise so is it possible that OP could buy some of the necessary essentials on the boat? It's not the best but its better than nothing.

  morella_xx  |  29

In my experience you can buy some clothes but they're mostly souvenir t-shirts and the like. OP is out of luck in terms of basics like underwear and jeans. And everything's at a high mark-up too.

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

This grammar reminds of the 2003 NYC blackout when this lady came on the radio referring to her children: "...they feet was hurting."

Just terrible.