By NoPrivacy - 26/04/2012 10:44 - United States

Today, my boss overheard me singing, "I need a shit, I need a shit" on my way to the bathroom. FML
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Why would you make such an awful first comment?

loser2207 15 I clicked ur profile coz I lik the pic...n ur exactly lik me... I'm a 13 yr old girl, gonna b 14 July 20. Was born in 98. Ur description is exactly like :)

22-Why would you make such an awful 22nd comment?

89- Your new here so I'll give you some advice. Log out of FML, go read a book, and don't come back until an intelligible comment comes out.

Instead of the potty dance, they got the shit song now.

"One that won't make you shit. One that won't make your bowels feel three feet thick."

One that makes me shit like I shit when I'm with you.

For some reason I sang that out loud... If you sing like "Because I got high, because I got high" (Afroman) it makes a lot of sense.

I sang it like Little Rascals. "I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey."

100- I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles hey hey hey.

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What's wrong with that? U need a shit

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Catchy tune. Keep it to yourself next time.

Well generally, when you sing in public, the people around you who aren't deaf can hear you...but I can see that you are surprised by this. I don't think this is that big a deal to be honest, depending where you work and what your boss is like...but in any case, I have to vote YDI.

You and anyone else who voted YDI are basically saying that she deserves it for having ears. She overheard somebody singing about shit. How is that her fault?

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53- No, OP was the one singing about shit. Re read the FML.

No, she's actually saying it's the OP's fault for singing and you can't expect people to ignore it if you are

I hope your boss gives you the shit you need. :D

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Definitely deserve shit for that!

"You act live you've never taken a shit, never taken a shit.."

you need to get a better photo, a better photo. You're the one that needs a life

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Looks kinda like the kid who played 10 year old Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.

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You should make that to into a song.

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hahaha that's what u get for saying it out loud!! :P