By ricky the sage - 05/10/2013 00:04 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, I was on the bus, heading to work, when the girl beside me started yelling at me, claiming I was staring down her shirt. I did no such thing, but the driver nonetheless stopped the bus and made me get off, all under the withering glares of the other passengers. FML
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She just wanted the seat for herself

Rainhawk94 27

that girl should get over herself


She just wanted the seat for herself

Girls are so self-absorbed these days , get over yourself :/ FYL OP, I'd practically die of embarrassment.

caohm 18

some people are so desperate and lonely inside they must flatter themselves. how sad.

Should've thought of something clever to yell out yourself.

badmandilon 19

I bet the girl had a huge cleavage, but "didn't want any stares at her chest".

28 how about "What do you mean, there's nothing to stare down at!"

OP should've said.. 'I don't need to look down her blouse! I'm gay', and then wink at the bus driver to prove his point. ;-)

I second the gay idea, it was clearly the best way to make it obvious to everyone that she's a lying idiot. Preferably not "I'm gay", more " I don't need to, my boyfriend is enough for me" - sounds less made up on the spot.

#17 Do you mean like the ones threadjacking the first comment just for a bit of attention? Yeah, I agree.

\ 28

An actual event: Girl: "Hey I heard you have boobies!" Me: "I heard YOU don't." :)

70- as were you.

#88 *facekeyboard* Answering someone and threadjacking are two different things. And to answer your profile, no it is not.

tjv3 10

Yeah OP should have yelled stop touching my junk if you didnt want me to stare down your shirt.

Rainhawk94 27

that girl should get over herself

She can't get over herself; her boobs are in the way.

feeling sorry for u.. :(

lexie_is_awesome 7

People are so inconsiderate

Just as I feel it is inconsiderate for people to have run on sentences, OP. Hate the situation for ya, but lets use less commas from now on :)

How are those run on sentences? They're long, but they're grammatically correct. Without the commas they would be run ons.

I agree with provei; they are grammatically correct. WellThatSucked89, you should consider researching an example of a run-on sentence. I understood, corrected, and mastered run-on sentences during my intermediate years of schooling. If one were to rid the commas of the FML, it would look like a jumbled mess of words.

#65, 1. You're wrong. 2. This is FML, not English class.

She was probably desperate to flatter herself

Wow sorry. Too many girls think all the attention is always on them

That's in their rule book for how to be a ho

Espolax 8

That is just down right wrong of her

You pervert! Haha you should have just told her politely " mam i was doing no such thing, i think you have yourself in a state of paranoia" or just a "get over yourself lady" would have worked fine

Evidently, that didn't work.

true n they get favour from others too