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By Anonymous - 14/08/2013 09:11 - United States - Sanford

Today, I was visiting my cousin's farm. Going out for a morning stroll, I took an apple with me to munch along the way. As I was eating it, I heard a distant thumping sound and was suddenly slammed into the ground. When I looked up, a horse was eating my apple. I got mugged by a horse. FML
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At least your family didn't come out and scream at you for horsing around

Damian95 16

This reminds me of the seagulls that come and attack you for your sandwich at the beach

The mane thing I learned from this thread is you can say these puns until your throat is horse, no one will like them.

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Canucklehead, I have noticed that 95% of your comments are replies to the first comment. Are you seeking attention? Scan through random recent fml's and this trend will be very noticeable.

85 why are you working so hard to collect evidence of some dude's comments

92. Says the dumbass that can't use the correct form of "your" and "you're".

That must've taken you a while to think of

I have to say op that sucks but the imagery of it is quite funny.

Why does this have so many negatives haha @#1

Poonikins the warrior princess strikes again. YouTube it, you'll thank me later.

I hate "smh". This is probably the 5th time I've had to Google it because I couldn't remember it meant "shaking my head"... doesn't even look good. it isn't fun to pronounce like lol or rofl, and even spelling it out doesn't flow like FML does. the whole concept would be better represented by a text emoticon.

That was supposed to be on comment one

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its simple. horses these days simply dont know how to discipline their foals. in mt day horses never mugged anyone because horses werent afraid to beat their foals asses. i fear for this equine generation.

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31- thank you for saving me the trouble of googling that yet again. & I must say, I completely agree

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Every time I see "smh" I think of an ex girlfriend with the same initials.. Smh..

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I always thought it stood for scented mucus hammer. Huh, odd.

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I always thought smh stood for smack my head, like, face palm... That makes more sense, imo.

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Guess who's never going back to their cousins farm?

whiteboy896 9

I grew up around horses, i know when you here something standpeading you do a 360 and get the hell out of the way. so of course i would go back.

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I don't know which way to thumb 96's comment. On one hand that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but on the other, I can't stop laughing at 'standpeading'. Also a 360 would just make you run right back into it so ????

the "turn 360 and walk away" is an old internet meme/reference.

#5 if it was a donkey then it would be an ass. A horse is Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm sorry but when you think you have to put the main part of the pun in caps for people to get the joke, it obviously isn't a very good pun.

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Once my sister was holding an apple near a horse in a field and the horse started banging itself against the fence trying to get the apple. It was actually pretty terrifying because the fence looked on the verge of breaking.

That horse is a genius he saw what he wanted and went after it

I use that same thought process when I see a nice car parked on the road.

as the great Capitan Jack Sparrow said "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

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I'm glad you weren't seriously injured.