By parenting_failure - France
Today, my son was on Facebook while he was supposed to be studying. He called me a liar and accused me of making up excuses to chew him out. How do I know he was online? He liked and commented on a video I posted. My son is a dumbass. FML
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  Lemurcat  |  12

154, while I agree that a good smack is needed every once in a while, I absolutely cannot agree that how a child turns out is based purely on one's parenting. Yes, it is a huge factor, but I have seen multiple accounts of a child being raised well and they still turn out rotten. I have two examples: 1. My parents did everything in their power to raise my brother the absolute best they can (as they did with all of us) but my parents couldn't control who he hung out with at school and he started hanging out with a bunch of tools. Now he's a disrespectful tool himself. 2. My boyfriend's father had everything growing up from toys to proper disapline (I know this because a lot of close relatives as well as his parents helped raise him. And those same people helped raise my sweet boyfriend when his parents went out drinking!) and do you know what that "man" does all day since the day? Yells at his mom for not washing HIS dishes! So don't assume that how a kid turns out is based solely on the parents. There are other influences too!