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Today, as a reward for starting to eating healthy, I got the squits at work. After going to the restroom, my stall didn't have toilet paper, the other two stalls didn't have any either. My boss definitely noticed too when he walked in on me with my pants around my ankles. FML
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  cheeeksss  |  29

Hi. Welcome to FML. Judging by your comment, you must be new here. The FML community would like to inform you that we frown upon the "shitty situation" puns, for it has been used way too many times. We encourage insightfulness, meaningful advice, words of encouragement, and puns that are actually funny. Thank you and have a pleasant day.


You're right. "Your grammar" is not a complete sentence because you left out the period at the end. As for its validity, it's perfectly proper to follow up a rhetorical question with an answer.