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By Anonymous - 22/01/2023 17:00 - Taiwan - Hsinchu

Today, my parents are the most toxic people I've ever met. They don't allow me to go outside, they decide what I eat, who my friends are, chastise every fucking little thing I do even when it's so minor you could just forget about it in one second. The biggest shame in my life is encountering such toxic people like them. I HATE them. FML
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They don't allow you to go outside? Are you their dog? WTF?

I'm sorry, OP. Seek out an adult you trust and tell them what's going on.


They decide what you eat cause they pay for it, they disapline you because once you get out into society no one will put up with that shit, if you think they are toxic oh honey look forward to the next few decades of work undermanagement. Thank the gods you live with them cause owning your own place aint gonna happen in this economy, if you do get unlucky enough its run down, costs a fortune in maintance if you own it, you have bills, taxes, utility bills NOTHING is free everything you enjoy now you have to pay for by working a nightmarish job under management that will make your parents look like saints. Unless your being physically beaten or emotionally mistreated grow up and see they are being parents trying to mould you into a half decent asshole before the world rambs reality up your ass.

@Blueraspberrycat - Your parents excruciatingly failed *you.* If you're a parent, may all of your children go no contact from you as adults.

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Bitter much? Don't like a job, find a new one instead of bitching about it. Micromanaging parents? That doesn't exactly promote self-reliance and independence. I'd say OP would do well to plan ahead and get out of Dodge.

You sound like my parents. There’s a thing about accepting that the kid knows a lot things already, perfection doesn’t exist in the world, people will experience and learn. You don’t have to dictate and be careful for everything they do. They need to find out what their values and priorities for them, it’s not the same as yours. If the control prolongs it becomes a big problem, because the kid will start to lose their sense of self because everything would be “what would mom and dad want?”, even when they want their kid to let go, they won’t know how to make decisions that they want.

I'm sorry, OP. Seek out an adult you trust and tell them what's going on.

They don't allow you to go outside? Are you their dog? WTF?

when you are 18 there is no shame in forging your own life and cutting all ties from them. parents like that do not deserve the love and respect from their children and they will have to pay the piper in the end