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  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

I think it's a very solid reason to leave. Heck if I were a judge in a court, I'd support the reason to kill/divorce/disavow-child/child-custody etc over an Internet connection...

Especially when diablo 3 needs the fucking Internet with a good ping 24/7!!!

*takes long deep breaths*

... Sorry about the nerd rage....

  kyleekay  |  25

Can't blame the daughter. When I was a teenager, my mom still had AOL, and my dad had Cox. Guess where I spent most of my time?

Also in anticipation of the "lol her dad had cox" comments, just keep them to yourself, I think we have all heard them a million times. ;)

  kamakazi1  |  5

Not to be Buzz Killington here, but it didn't really say anything about games. While it can be assumed, you also need a fast Internet connection for videos, loading pages, etc.

  Mauskau  |  35

Need a fast Internet connection for uploading duckfaces quickly! But yeah if my parents split my dad would have the internet and mum wouldn't as she doesnt use it. As a gamer myself I have to go for the Internet :P

  kirra16  |  5

Here is my ten year old brother's wishlist that he told my parents and I. "A decent gaming laptop with 2 gigabytes of ram, a recording software so I can upload things to YouTube and a faster Internet connection." Why does he need this? He wants to play Minecraft.. When I was 10, I wanted a cool-looking bike.

By  Crownsroyal11  |  1

You deserve that. Lol it's that era where Internet is very important for young adults. I was walking through the local hospital and saw young kids 6 to 9 years old with iPads and iPhones. I still remember my old tonka trucks and sand box.


I understand maybe allowing your child to play on your iPhone/iPad when they were bored, but having their own? I think that's ridiculous. MAYBE an iPod touch, with Internet and YouTube disabled so you can only use it for the games, but iPads? Wtf?
What's wrong with going outside and playing? :/

  A7X_LoVeee  |  10

Going outside and playing doesn't seem to exist anymore. I've lived in the same neighborhood my whole life and I was always outside with my friends as a kid. Now, I hardly see any of the younger kids out.


It's a shame, really. I'm almost 17; of course I love the Internet (I am on FML after all :p) but I also go outside and do stuff! I ride my horse, plant my garden, or even just sit outside and read. It's better than sitting inside on my ass playing on my iPhone or watching YouTube videos. :P

  Bobissmall  |  13

Ouch, why am I getting thumbed down? It's true, parents are more worried about their children being kidnapped, paedophiles, strangers, not to mention other kids. They can't spend all their time watching their kids, so why not just buy them an iPod they can play while near by?

  Senseless_487  |  29

Because we don't need an even lazier generation. Parents SHOULD get off their asses and go outside to watch their kids if they're so concerned.

Too many parent rely on electronics to babysit their kids nowadays. Seriously, spend some quality time with them, rather than put an iPod in front of them.


52- Yeah, I'm almost fifteen and my mom gets paranoid when I try and so much as cross the street. I'm not allowed to play outside, really. I sort of did when I was younger, but my parents feel like if I even stick a toe out of the door, I'm going to get raped and murdered.

  iwilkilalzmBs  |  2

My 7 year old little brother has an iPod 4, an iPad 2, and a laptop. At his age, I remember not being allowed to use YouTube on my own when playing on my dad's laptop for 30 minutes per day. Also, I really love my old rescue heroes. Man, those were great...


142- Well, I got my first phone when I was seven, but I only used it to call my dad when he was stationed away. And I had an iPod, but I only had stuff like Hannah Montana songs and Jonas brothers on it. I also had my own computer, but only really played games on the Disney Channel website. It's possible to give kids technology without them going overboard.

  KK3137  |  31

The thing is that then the mother would know the daughter is only staying because of the internet, rather than for the mother. Also it might start a competition between the parents and those things are tough!