By Alex White - 02/05/2016 16:50 - Canada - Westerose

Today, my husband was using the microwave when we suddenly hear a huge 'POP'. The good news is we found our daughter's missing hamster. FML
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he didn't notice the hamster in there when he put the food in?

I'm not sure how you could not notice a frantic furry animal in your microwave.


"MOMMY? WHERE'S HAMMY" "HE SHOULD BE IN HIS CAGE! "Quicky, go get a new hamster"

saxaddict122 14

... And perhaps a new microwave?

I would absolutely not get that kid a new hamster. They can't open microwave doors. The kid or someone else put it in there.

Someone might have left the door open

"Oh Hammy's just in his Faraday Cage sweety"

that is horrible yet funny, am I going to hell?

OMG Op that's tragic! FYL to the poor hamster!

Sir_Cow 17

it don't have a life any more...

#13 that just made me even more sad

I wouldn't even attempt to clean it up. I'd unplug the microwave and head straight to the dump. That shit's traumatising.

he didn't notice the hamster in there when he put the food in?

It was probably in the back corner and he put in the food quick.

UserError94 18

My question is how the hell did the hamster get in there! It's a pretty closed system. Someone had to have placed him in there

I don't know. The hamster would have to be very small and the microwave very large for this mistake to happen. I just don't understand how it's possible to make that mistake.

The hamster could have bee in the food

Wouldn't you notice the hamster in the food though? And how did it get in the food?

It was popcorn never mind read it wrong

Question. Did anyone in the house hate the hamster? *raises eyebrow*

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How did you not see the hamster when putting the food in.

I'm not sure how you could not notice a frantic furry animal in your microwave.

tounces7 27

Perhaps it wasn't in the cooking part of the microwave. Since I doubt hamsters can open microwave doors, I'm assuming it burrowed into the back, or even chewed through the cord.

imagineapc 11

Either this didn't happen and you're an attention troll, or your husband is blind and/or possibly stupid. Seriously, he DIDN'T see a HAMSTER in a microwave?!

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Yes. You are. It's pretty sick to laugh at an animal exploding. What the ****.

I want to see this happening I'm going down the same road as you.

Actually, its blood would boil, it would be unable to breathe, and its innards would cook. Not a fast or good death by any means.

It's terrible but it's funny, poor little guy

I'd laugh as well to the thought of the pop but I don't think it instantly killed it.

#142 it wouldn't have been instant but it would've been somewhat quick

Oh my god. Did your husband think it was a Gremlin?

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How did it even get into the microwave in the first place?