By dani - 25/03/2014 03:39 - United States - Dayton

Today, I was at Walmart and had to use the bathroom. I sat down and farted real loud. I didn't realize someone was in there with me until I heard a voice say, "Dude, that was a good one." It was a man's voice. I then realized I was in the men's restroom. FML
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cgart96 15

You didn't say anything back, did you?

A real man can appreciate good flatulence. Especially from a woman.


At least he didn't bang on the stall door and say, "I smell someone making sin!"

I'll bet everyone would be voting YDI if it was a man in a women's bathroom... In fact, I believe this has already happened on FML.

Wouldnt the urinals make it obvious that it was the mens restroom?

Not if you dived into a stall right away because you were desperate!

#16- That FML was from July of last year. I'm surprised people still remember it. Good FML, that one.

either that or the man was in the ladies bathroom.

cgart96 15

You didn't say anything back, did you?

If she had, it could have been the beginning of a really bad porn plot

I'd watch that !

2 kids 1 stall

Guess we know what the moe stands for 49...

Thanks... I just googled moe. I feel dirty.

I would've clapped.

TordNorski 30

Take it as a compliment.

A real man can appreciate good flatulence. Especially from a woman.

Not mine, he hates it

How did you not know it was a men's restroom?

Let's be honest who wasn't walked in the wrong washroom before. But then again you usually walk right out.

You'd think the urinals would have tipped her off before she made it to the stall, though.

Hey when you gotta go you gotta go.

I'm not sure if all men's restrooms look the same, but maybe the stall was closer to the door and she went in before noticing where she was.

Well, for your future knowledge..almost every men's restroom have urinals before the stalls. But then again there are a few without urinals altogether.

Maybe she was wearing pants that day.

Oh? I thought those were just bidets!

I guess you make the People of Walmart list for being a woman in a men's bathroom and farting really loud! Good job! This means you probably look like someone off that list too!

Haha i once met a casting director i was About to audition for in the wrong bathroom xD

you were going to audition for a role in the bathroom? O,o

It's much more likely that she was at the meeting place and had to use the restroom before the audition... Duh?

we already have to deal with a face like that in "it's always sunny in Philadelphia"

Probably one of them "fake casting " they do for porn lol

he must have felt emasculated when he found out you were a woman

Best comment!!!

You've been accepted into the gender