By BrisbaneCoop - 04/04/2011 17:13 - Australia

Today, my fiancé and I visited his family for dinner. The entire time I was there, his mother and sister had an in depth conversation about how attractive his ex girlfriends were and how they got along with them so well. FML
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GaryMuzz 4

yes but don't forget who has the ring :-)

riceicle1 6

Well they weren't saying how unattractive you are but still fyl :/


riceicle1 6

Well they weren't saying how unattractive you are but still fyl :/

It means he loves you despite you looking like shrek. Chin up little ogre.

He loves you despite looking like Shrek, chin up little ogre.

start dressing more like a lady and less like a dike.

Just take comfort in the fact that they were talking about his 'EXgirlfriends' and not his 'girlfriends'.

Sounds like a certain nana I know...

rebekahah 7

well your not marrying his mom.

When you marry the man, you marry his momma.

eradonnes 0

is ur username like rebeka hah(like laughing or just rebekahah???sorry just askin

rebekahah 7

84- my first name, my middle initial, and my last initial. :)

xdannyx117x 0

all my xs moms hated me , because i liked fixing cars ??? something about no future in that blah blah blah

they are hos mechanic at least is a proper job

CateXOX 0

This might be a time to mention how attractive and friendly your ex-boyfriends' mothers and sisters were.

Or start making out with your fiancé in front of them...What? I'm the only one who'd do that? That's cool. *runs away*

47 haven't thought of that, it could work

why would you stop after making out?

Well all that matters is that you're fiancé loves you for who you are, right? Just say "Yeah well I'm here now bitches! So deal with it."

don't tell me you bought into that shit it's the money that matters ;)

shadow1917 0

maybe english "chick"+ spanish "Chica".... or she's just making words up. or the illuminatis are behind all this and are secretly weakening population with medication and brain washing. your choice.

At least they didn't say how attractive his other girlfriends are.

Exeedingmango 0

Actually YOUR the dumbass. Learn to read, they were talking about his ex girlfriends, Not other girlfriends. if he had other girlfriends he would be cheating. Stupid. -__-

rebekahah 7

ROFL 16 that was the point. ;)

MyNameIsBruce 0

He said ARE, not WERE. Totally different meaning

this has the stupidest replies.. before calling some one a dumb ass read the fml correctly.. stop for a second.. let it sink in.. then comment. till then please don't make ne dopey slap myself again.. it's beginning to hurt

try not to be stupid when you call someone a dumbass. you have a nice smile though. why are the pretty ones always so dumb.