By BrisbaneCoop - Australia
Today, my fiancé and I visited his family for dinner. The entire time I was there, his mother and sister had an in depth conversation about how attractive his ex girlfriends were and how they got along with them so well. FML
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  T3P33_fml  |  0

maybe english "chick"+ spanish "Chica"....
or she's just making words up.
or the illuminatis are behind all this and are secretly weakening population with medication and brain washing.
your choice.

  Exeedingmango  |  0

Actually YOUR the dumbass. Learn to read, they were talking about his ex girlfriends, Not other girlfriends. if he had other girlfriends he would be cheating. Stupid. -__-

  leeshxx  |  3

this has the stupidest replies.. before calling some one a dumb ass read the fml correctly.. stop for a second.. let it sink in.. then comment. till then please don't make ne dopey slap myself again.. it's beginning to hurt