By Anonymous - United States
Today, at work I got an urgent message from my boyfriend that there was an emergency and I should come home immediately. I took my last personal day of the month and drove the half-hour home. The emergency? The cat had vomited on the comforter. FML
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  MissMae93  |  23

"Cats are fake and gay." Hmmm, last time I check cats are pretty real and are still living creatures of Earth. And gay? Well if all cats were homosexual, how could they possibly reproduce and continue their species? I see many flaws in your comment.

By  Ugi  |  26

You BF is pathetic. Why wasn't he at work anyway?

I thought when I read this that the emergency was going to be that he had urgently needed a BJ or something! That I could understand, but cat sick is just pathetic.