By Phantommajik - 10/05/2011 16:08 - United States

Today, I was stuck at the airport overnight waiting for my flight for about 5 hours. I then went and looked at the departures board. It said that my flight had already departed. FML
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can Geico really save $15 or more on car insurance?

can five hours really be considered "overnight" ?


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Moderator edit WIN! Oh I love you people.

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Just walk. Exercise is good!

haha yeah don't think the distance is walkable if OP was gonna take a plane there in the first place lmfao :P

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1, thank you for stating the obvious :)

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Sarcasm- (Noun) Ironic taunt, cutting remark, mocking.

can five hours really be considered "overnight" ?

can Geico really save $15 or more on car insurance?

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why is almost everyone on this site a complete dumbass douche?

#21.... because they can be. there is no rules saying you can't be a dumbass douche; that's there prerogative

21 everyone on the internet is a complete souche retard. this site has less douches than others too.

douche* and you killed the geico joke. 15%

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To actually respond to #2, say they got there at 11 P.M., then waited five hours. It'd be 4 A.M. when they realized they screwed up. That'd be overnight.

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^ I am going to creep on you, fool.

Screw Geico. What op needed was State Farm. Like a good neighbor they could have told him when to be at his flight and saved him money on auto insurance.

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i believe you meant Douche*

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you should have been paying more attention!!

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"had already had"? Proofread!

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how on earth did you manage something that stupid?

FML for all those waiting on the plane while they call for your name for who knows how long before they gave up.

Airlines don't generally call out specific names of those who have not shown up yet. If you don't board when they call for it, you're just out of luck. If you've been stuck waiting for a plane to depart, it's probably some technical reason rather than the airline trying to find one specific person.

Must be an airline culture thing then. When I flew around in East Asia, I hear them calling out individual's name all the time.

they call out first class passengers names LIKE ME

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I work for Jetblue and they do call out your name. They also check to see if you checked in and if you did they will call your number you left with reservations to check and see if your still going to make that flight.

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southwest does it too. and American airlines

I know at least American airlines calls out names. They are like, "so and so" report to gate -- for boarding." "so and so final call gate --". I constantly hear them call out names.

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The planes i take don't call out for people. You're not in time, your loss, No refunds. No compromises, either, since apparently taking in a larger hand-luggage is impossible. (it's fun to be exactly one minute too late for check-in. Yes, I missed that plane).

west jet calls too. sometimes it's the connecting flights that cause you to miss the flight. it's not the passengers fault!

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Wtf #74 should of flown jetblue! Airlines don't wait for people because it cost them thousands of dollars if the aircraft is still at the gate after 15 minutes. If it's a mechanics issues thats a different story. Also, if you do miss your flight they put you on standby for the next flight. You being late has nothing to do with you luggage. If it's too big it gets gate checked.

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that's got to suck! but you should have been paying more attention too...

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that suck now u hav to buy another ticket

Yeah well OP, "overnight" doesn't mean "fall asleep", better luck next time!

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YDI, they always call your name. When you wait, make sure you're close to your gate at all times. When a flight is delayed and ready to go, they make sure it's noticable to all those who have to wait. Including you. So, YDI.

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Why would you wait all night when you obviously didn't know the status of the flight? You sound like a real airhead.