By Anonymous - 26/12/2009 03:13 - United States

Today, my father went out to get batteries for the remote control helicopter I bought him for Christmas. In his excitement, he backed his truck into my car. FML
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What sucks is that it is your fault......Always buy the batteries.


What sucks is that it is your fault......Always buy the batteries.

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i second that you inconsiderate prick.

dudeitsdanny 9

I pretty much agree. You always get them the batteries. It's just polite.

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Lawled. You're probably insured, so in 5 years, this'll be a funny story.

GeorgeBoosh 0

He can't drive and you get him a helicopter toy? He'll be chopping off heads round the neighborhood for weeks!

not only is he a hero for his comment, but for his user name too!!

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oh wa, at least he'll pay for it.

If you buy someone a battery-operated present, you should buy them the batteries to go with it. It's not exactly polite to get them something that requires them to go out and buy something just so it works. That's like giving someone half a jigsaw and then expecting them to buy the other half. (Unless perhaps it was already quite an expensive present and you know they want it so much they'd be happy to buy the batteries for it.)

GeorgeBoosh 0

It took me years to learn this. Now we don't bother about such toys, we just give the batteries. Can't afford both toys AND batteries.

So the thought of politeness never crossed your mind? Always buy the batteries as well. It's not like you put "Batteries not included" on the gift wrapper No wonder you're from New Jersey......

haha ohh gawd. i would of been soo mad at my dad. :) haha

terriibabiiix23 0

why didn't the helicopter already come with batteries ?!

why would you get your dad a remote control helicopter?! ummm, immature mucch?

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Golden Rule: Always buy presents that you really want for yourself. It makes Christmas so much easier. Next year he will really want a lovely red jacket size 4, or an expensive handbag. Or one of those women's toys that need batteries.

some people collect them.. and radio controled anything can be fun for adults too.. doesn't.make him immature!