By valarmorgoolies - 06/02/2015 18:51 - United States - Binghamton

Today, my mom accused me of smoking weed. Truth is, I'd just ripped the quietest and weirdest smelling fart of my life. She wouldn't believe me, accused me of making stupid excuses up, and grounded me. FML
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Must of been a pretty dank fart yo

Maybe she thought it smelt like good shit.


brendejafulable 41

Stinky situation.

As 1st comment you had the clear chance to shine and receive many upvotes from everyone, but as usual, there always has to be that one person who overused an unoriginal pun. Here, take my down vote, it's free!

I can't believe #1 was THAT person.

OP just get her to get u a drug test and the proove the bitch wrong cause thats just **** up

Fr0gs 15

Sounds like you should shut the **** up!

Wow. That really stinks OP.

Maybe she thought it smelt like good shit.

How does she know what weed smells like? Did mom live through the 70's? If so, then that's almost a guaranteed she's blazed it.

tantanpanda 26

You can smell weed off others when they've smoked it, just like regular smoking. Just because you know what weed smells like, doesn't mean you've tried It.

That was more of a 70's joke. But thanks for taking me seriously.

"Mum it was just a fart, I promise!"

What in the world have you been eating?!

Drag0nb0rn 22

Pot brownies.

OP needs to eat salads for a week or two. Get some fibre in there.

How is eating a salad going to help get fibre in a diet?

Must of been a pretty dank fart yo

must have*

Question is, where have you been hiding your stash ?!

eyebrowzzz 21

Now everytime you have to fart make sure your mothers around to prove yourself and make them loud

A simple urine test can prove your point, but I somehow get the feeling you're not telling us the whole story.. Have this nagging feeling that weed or partying has come up with your moms before. Just a hunch though.

I also get the feeling that even if OP can prove her innocence, her mum will still ground her for being a smart arse and proving her wrong. It's a lose/lose situation with some parents.

lexiieeex3 32

Really trying to figure out how weed and farts have a similar smell and I'm sorry but I'm not seeing it...