Not so secret anymore

By Lovenotes - 17/10/2009 23:05 - United States

Today, my secret crush, who sits next to me in Bio, asked if he could borrow my notes. I agreed. It was only after he drove away, with my notebook, that I realized that in the back of my notes, I had written his name 100 times, surrounded by little hearts. FML
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RR05 0

OMG you must be the dumbest person alive. i would pay huge amounts to see his face when he opens it

Awesome, now you can just be done with it and ask him out.


RR05 0

OMG you must be the dumbest person alive. i would pay huge amounts to see his face when he opens it

Awesome, now you can just be done with it and ask him out.

Yeah, you better REALLY hope that he likes you can finds this really cute and you end up going out. If not, then that pretty much makes interaction between you REALLY awkward lol.

Sun_Kissed18 25

It would be cute if she wrote his name once with a couple of little hearts. After the first hundred I would be creeped out :/

exactly...its not that u wrote it, its that you wrote it like a compulsive stalker

this could totally work out in your favor..

Well first the OP should hope and pray he doesn't see the back lol. And 2nd, maybe the guy's name is a common one, like Josh, Mark, John or Matt, and she can say it was a different person........unless she put his last name too. lol

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zach055 23

YDI for not just asking him out

This is pure gold. Good effort, OP.

Mx_Rider 6

top 4 pown! goooo g1

ilovemenn 0

Well you obviously just destroyed any chance you had with him.. considering he's going to think of you as a stalker :/

I have a bad experience with stalkers. *shudders* He'll most likely take it the wrong way.

What grade are you in, 6th?

Malfunkshun 1

I would hope not after the "...and then he (meaning her crush) drove away" bit.

Damm that sucks .__. Lets just hope he doesn't check the back

I hope Arnold asks for a restraining order, Helga Pataki.

a restraining order? for writing his name in a notebook? a lot of people would have restraining orders... O.o

I miss that show so much. 90s cartoons were awesome.

Ohhh, that show was awesome. But still, at least now the guy will know and you won't spend the rest of absolutely forever secretly in love with him.

XDDD yessssss Helga was so creepy, loved that show YDI OP, 1st for calling him your "secret crush" and 2nd for being a moron. Can you seriously not keep things like that to yourself? That nobody would eventually see that?

I wonder if the OP has a shrine that's dedicated to her crush.

YESSSS. Dude. That was my favorite show when I was a kid. My favorite episode was when the class was putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet, and Arnold was Romeo, so Helga was harassing all the girls who got assigned the role of Juliet until they stepped down. That was a bad description. Oh well. It was awesome.

I like the one where she's on laughing gas and calls him, but then she finds out she told him about her obsession and proceeded to crawl through his vents to get his answering machine. She gets it but then falls through the ceiling into Arnold's room where he's with Sid, Stinky, and Gerald.

Good luck I guess?

Ouch. Hey, he probably won't look at the back. Or so you hope...