Sneaky dad

By say no to dick - 18/04/2014 22:56 - Australia - Newcastle

Today, I found out that my father faked his whole "mid-life crisis", just so he could gain my trust and get me to admit that I smoke weed, and to tell him who I buy it from. Hello year-long grounding. FML
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well you kind of deserve it for telling him in the first place.

Smart dad you have there


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AnOriginalName 19

So, OctoDope, your name is Dope, and you were high on dope, while reading a story about dope?

I can definitely see this comment lighting up a flame war and somebody is gonna get blazed.

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Not an original name, right Anoriginalname? Lol

OP get back at him. The next time your mom is within earshot, tell him "oh hey, Ashley says hi" and he'll be all "Ashley who?" and you'll say "the one with the huge boobs" and then walk away. Your work here is done muahahaha!!

that's true 59, except for the fact that its illegal.

Its legal in some places, 87.

not in colerado

#59 Your profile pic made your statement a whole lot more impactful

Durantye 8

If you're young enough to be grounded you're not old enough for marijuana like seriously lol even hardcore weed fans have a line with the underaged I hope.

93- where is Colerado? I've never heard of it. It sound so exotic!

chenjitong1997 15

Wouldn't that result in more problems that involve you too because your a family. I'm sure he did it because he cares about you since he is your dad!

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Scynistr 20

My response to this is.. If you can't even spell the state it's legal in correctly... You shouldn't be smoking it.. Colorado..

135, Who the hell has been feeding you this bullshit?

#1 Your picture is the same one I have on my desktop and I approve.

@135 I'm sorry, I got drunk and felt like feeding bs to the kids and sorry about religion too that's was my fault too

wannabeactress71 8

#118, it's in Denvur, very exotic indeed.

Just from reading these comments shows how many people there are who don't know shit about weed. It's sad, really...

onealmxwilson 18

135, suicide is not a verb. You can't "suicide." People "commit suicide." I don't know why so many people struggle with this.

It's only illegal because the government says so, not because it reflects what the people want.

135, You realize that nothing you just said is true? Weed doesn't make you depressed and it definitely is better than cigarettes. Using the terminology "One smoke of weed" clearly shows that you do not smoke weed, nor do you know what you're talking about.

158, even if it was legal it's nothing for children to mess with. wanna smoke it when you're an adult, go for it.

135. What are you the director of Reefer Madness

That's damn ridiculous. Nothing wrong with smoking weed.

my brain died a little from reading this stupidity.

What *some* people want. As loud as those who are pro cannabis voice their opinion, there are still many who are happy it is illegal.

Yeah, of course. The ONLY problem with smoking weed is that it's illegal...

Am I the only one here who thinks the dad did all this to probably pick up dope himself?

can you please show me one reputable source that "1 smoke of weed = 1 pack full of cigarettes." i'm pretty sure that is total bullshit. Also please say "me" and not "you" when you make a statement like "weed makes you depressed" - maybe it makes you depressed. never did that to me

#136, or 135.. I don't even know what number you fucking are. Please explain to me how any of your bullshit is true? In fact, if pot is so "bad" then how does it treat my epilepsy disorder? When no other medication could?

qwapteam 8

This comment gave me cancer

Realism 4

Yes how shameful... Tsk tsk. Let the man smoke what he wants

well you kind of deserve it for telling him in the first place.

I think he kind of already knew.

I'm not against smoking weed, but c'mon. You should know better than to tell your dad. You kinda deserve this one.

My dad knows I smoke weed... He does too. But here in Toronto our culture is pretty weed-friendly.

he kinda deserves it for smoking in the first place. if it's something you have to hide as a kid, you probably shouldn't be doing it to begin with.

Yeah, suck for the kid. How dare he trust his father?

Smart dad you have there

iOceanus 18

And easy to fool OP.

Yeah I mean a dad who tells you to shut up and then smoke a cigarette, faking it all in order to ground you. Genius. (Reference)

45, it hurts my brain to try and understand you.

askullnamedbilly 33

But isn't it kind of strange how much time and effort he put into that deception? I mean, unless OP is incredibly gullible, faking a midlife crisis had to take more than just one conversation during which he tricked his son into not only telling him that he smoked week, but also reveal his dealer. That'd take at least a week of acting for me to believe, especially if the dad's normal attitude towards drugs is less than favorable.

Eh it was a poor attempt at referencing to an FML pretty recently. It was saying how his dad told him to shut up and then went into a coughing fit after trying to smoke.

I'm really wondering how he got you to tell him. When I have kids I'm definately using whatever he did to find out of they smoke.

Yeah we need a follow up on this one. I want to know too

He probably smoked it with OP

Redoxx_fml 22

He probably used the mid-life crisis thing to seem like he wanted to be young and hip by smoking weed. He then convinced OP to help him get some thereby revealing both OP's habit and his supplier. Just my theory anyway.

Maybe he just wanted to steal his shit and distracted him from that by grounding

xxrebelsxx 13

That's what my dad did he was smoking weed and left a bowl on the porch and I got blamed for it

Your dad is a diabolical genius.

Juana explain how you did that?

That would've been much better if OP was a chick

43 - Her name could be Mary.

That's bullshit. MysteriousX gets the reference, gets voted up! I MAKE the reference, and get thumbed down! S/he's SMART!

Why'd you even tell your father you smoke weed?

WD_Stevens 22

Your username sounds like an answer to your question

Smoking weed is always bad. It won't get you anywhere.

ninjuh_wingman 29

I don't smoke weed, but it's not always bad. It legitimately helps people who are in real pain cope with it.

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#40 How do you make the distinction between medical and recreational purposes?

Because some people smoke it for fun, aka recreationally, and others use it to ease pain..medicinal purposes.

Who even cares about the smoking aspect? You guys should take a moment to look up all of the uses that that plant has, since explaining it myself would take way too much effort in these wee hours of the morning.

That feeling of rolling a fattie, inhaling the good shit, exhaling the bullshit and chilling out on the couch after a week full of drama, fakery and shitbags posing as human beings. Puff, puff, pass dough boy.

It may not get you anywhere, but it isn't bad for you at all. I mean you'll feel like shit the first time you try it (usually). The second time is when you usually start feeling the effects.

There are several problems with the medical/recreational dichotomy. Not for just marijuana, but for any drug. Consider caffeine: many people use caffeine when they want to become more alert and awake. How do you decide whether this is recreational or medical use? Imagine someone who has never used caffeine and finds himself very drowsy in the morning. He is told that he should try using caffeine in the morning, and he finds that it helps his problem dramatically. It is still unclear whether his use of caffeine is medical or recreational. For marijuana, consider someone who has been drinking all night and then smokes to increase euphoria. Because he has smoked marijuana, he is not nauseous from the alcohol. Is his use recreational or medical? I am not sure. If drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Uprima are used "medically" to increase sexual pleasure, then what about drugs that increase the pleasure of activities like eating and listening to music? Is their use medical or recreational? These drugs are prescribed to help men achieve erections. Consider someone who does not have a Viagra prescription, is not diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, but is having difficulty achieving an erection. He then uses his roommates Viagra to achieve an erection. How do you decide whether his use is medical or recreational? It has been shown that marijuana slows the progression of and prevents Alzheimers; does that not qualify as medical use? So then, aren't people who use marijuana, regardless of the reason, ALWAYS using it medically? Any problem can be conceptualized as medical condition. I think who gives a shit if it is being used medically or recreationally? It is impossible to make the distinction between medical use and recreational use, so why does it even matter?

#85 your an idiot, there clearly is a difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

#89, you can make whatever claims you want, but if you're trying to convince me of something you should actually make an argument

askullnamedbilly 33

While the exact point where medicinal purposes cross over into recreational purposes is hard to determine, there are clear examples for both. A typical recreational purpose would be someone passing a joint at a party to achieve a high. An example for a medicinal purpose would be the ingestion of cannabis after chemotherapy to alleviate side effects. The same goes for opiates - you wouldn't accuse a hospital patient on a morphine drip to be a recreational user, and you wouldn't call a heroin addict a medicinal user. I think if you ask a marijuana user whether they're using it recreationally or medicinally, you're very likely to get a clear response from them - unless they're trying to make excuses. If your primary purpose is a high, you're using it recreationally. If your primary purpose is to deal with an illness or its side effects, you're using it medicinally. It's not as hard as you make it out to be.

Smoking every now and then isn't an awful thing. Some people smoke every day and they are good people. Then there are the people who smoke every day and do the stupidest shit when they're high. If you don't like it, don't do it. Preaching opinions about whether it's good or bad is a pointless argument.

poostickles 14

There is a difference between recreational and medicinal marijuana. If it's used for medicinal purposes it is bred to be low in thc, and will produce either a very low high, or none at all.

While I don't agree with marijuana use at all, I think it's completely bs how everyone completely dismissed rorburts argument as invalid. While I like how later someone did bring up a more constructed counter point, I don't like rhetoric like saying clearly. You can't say clearly in a well constructed argument, because it's just rhetoric.

askullnamedbilly 33

#144, if you want the abridged version of why people disagree with #85, it's because the argument is hypothetical and has very little application in real life. There is not much confusion concerning who is and isn't a medicinal marijuana user, and even hardcore stoners probably would not say that everyone is 'always using it medicinally'. There may be gray areas where it's difficult to tell, but to go all out and say that there are no strictly recreational users is nonsensical.

#144, when have you ever heard someone say "That is a good point. I will have to think about that." anywhere? It rarely happens on the internet, and never happens on FML. In my experience, this isn't a community that exactly encourages argumentation. It's why I usually don't even dare to offer a dissenting viewpoint on here. #108, My problem with how you define medicinal and recreational use is that as a daily smoker with my CA medical recommendation, my main purpose for smoking is to get high. A lot of people would say I'm taking advantage of my medical marijuana rec, but even when my main purpose is to get high, marijuana combats my clinical depression and symptoms of ADHD (both are pretty well accepted medicinal uses of marijuana). Marijuana's medicinal properties are still there when it is being used to get high. As I've pointed out before, marijuana use has been shown to prevent Alzheimer's. You cannot presume that someone using marijuana to get high is not using it medicinally. You also cannot presume that a heroin addict is not using the drug for self-medication. Heroin has several medical uses, despite its status as a Schedule I narcotic. Are you saying that a drug is used medically only if it is prescribed by a physician (like in your morphine example) and not when used to self-medicate? If that were the case, no one is using marijuana medically. #120, CBD is present in all strains, and marijuana has medicinal properties even when it is high in THC / low in CBD. Have you even come across any strains that are higher in CBD than in THC?

#144, my argument was not that there are no recreational users. My point was that "medical use" and "recreational use" are two things that cannot be dichotomized.

askullnamedbilly 33

But that is what you said. I didn't put words in your mouth, I quoted your rhetorical question stating that if the points you made about longtime benefits of marijuana are true, everyone is using marijuana medicinally, regardless of their original reason. That's exaggerating your arguments to the point of hyperbole, which makes your whole post look rather ridiculous. Like I said, there may be cases in between the two areas where it's difficult to determine whether the individual is using marijuana medicinally or recreationally, but you're making it sound like that's the majority of users. For most users I've ever met, the distinction is pretty clear - they either would take it even if it had no hallucinogenic properties, or that's the whole point for them.

I do not want to go into how the medicinal/recreational dichotomy is used to label USERS - I never did and it's not important for the purposes of this argument. "For most users I've ever met, the distinction is pretty clear - they either would take it even if it had no hallucinogenic properties, or that's the whole point for them." You're making a distinction between medicinal/recreational users. My argument was not about that. You can create a definition for something; for example: define "medicinal use" as substance use with an intention to alleviate symptoms of illnesses/diseases/disorders/syndromes, but that does not make it so. Alleviating symptoms is done to improve the quality and enjoyment of life, does that not sound recreational to you? Are you beginning to understand how it is difficult to define medicinal/recreational use? I would continue to argue that making the distinction is difficult when given a specific scenario, but you're really going to have to explain how I "exaggerated [my] arguments to the point of hyperbole" because I'm not 100% sure on what you mean with that one.

Rorburt - With all due respect to your opinion and argument, I think you're confusing side effects with intended use. You take Tylenol to get rid of a headache. You do not take it with the intent of destroying your liver in the long run. People with cancer use marijuana to decrease pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy. They do not take it with an intent to get "high." The high they feel is the side effect of the drug they use to rid their nausea and pain. This is not recreational use, because it is their intent that determines this. Having read through this entire thread, I can see where you would feel your opinion is supported, but what stood out to me was the mistaking of the intent and the side effects.

Well, as a lot of people have said, Weed can be used for medical purposes. When I wrote this, I was assuming that the people who would take things far, or using it for recreational purposes. Bad wording on my part.

Won't get you anywhere? Barack Obama, Michael Phelps, Abraham Lincoln, James Franco, Steve Jobs, need I go on?

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iOceanus 18

That's a pretty harsh speculation from 5 lines of text. Granted, his methods were a little unorthodox, but perhaps OP's dad is one of those caring parents?

28, yeah, maybe... He just has a really school yard delinquent way of going about it. For a father, the man of the house, would it have been too hard for him to put on his big boy pants & just have a heart to heart with his son?

Durantye 8

It's easy to say people should do things. Try not to be condescending against someone who got the job done without harming their child.

yeah it is easy to say people should do things. I don't understand why OP's dad felt it necessary to have a premeditated plot to deceive his son into sharing something with him, when, by the sounds of it, OP was trying to be a good son & help his father during, what he was led to believe, was an extremely tumultuous time of his life. Why couldn't OP's dad simply talk to him about it? It's fine for a parent to betray their child's trust, but if a child does it, it's the end of the world?! Bit of a double standard there, don't you think?! I think OP's dad should've got his spine out of his purse & bahaved like an adult, not a scheming teenager.

iOceanus 18

109: How are you getting that much from 5 lines of text? Sounds like the story is a bit personal for you.