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Today, my coworker told me when we got to work that she purposely left her phone at home. I then had to suffer 8 hours of listening to her constantly whine like a toddler about how much she missed her phone. FML
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iTzSelverZz 14

Use your phone when she starts whining.

Quitting phone addiction, the new 'I'm quitting smoking'.


iTzSelverZz 14

Use your phone when she starts whining.

Use it to call her phone and then casually set your phone next to her. When she gets home she'll have a 10 minute reminder of what she put you through all day.

Quitting phone addiction, the new 'I'm quitting smoking'.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

People will give up something if they really want to. One day my grandpa basically said "well **** smoking" and quit cold turkey. I have also known people who quit cold turkey because they got pregnant. My dad was a heavy smoker (I"m talking 3 packs or more a day) and when I was born, he stopped for my health. We could give up our phones, but we don't want to. That's the problem.

#10, another good way to kick a habit is to make sure that you don't have enough money for it. I used to smoke back in my teen years, but then my grades fell, my monthly allowance was discontinued, and I had to give up smoking. It's been three years, since then, and I haven't touched a cigarette (although I do sometimes want to).

#10 Not everyone has it that easy. My uncle wanted to quit smoking one day (he smoked maybe a pack or two a day) especially since he had a child, and it took him years! He still smokes occasionally but it's usually one cig when it's at parties or when he's stressed. He wants to stop completely but it's hard. He's also an alcoholic but he's trying to cut back on that too. While I agree that phones are the new addiction, it's not easy. I got grounded from my phone for months (more than 6) and the first couple of weeks were misery. After that I was fine and even now I can live without my phone but some people literally live on them.

I have the phone addiction gone. Now it's just alcohol and cigarettes.

Mathalamus 24

I am one of the strange ones who almost never uses a phone. I will never understand the addiction.

I'm not entirely sure why you got down voted so much. I don't use my phone much either. It drives me NUTS that people can't put their phones down. The other night, we went and saw Civil War and the guy sitting next to me kept puling out his giant phone with its bright ass screen every few seconds to check his texts and reply if there was one. He literally turned the screen on just to check for texts over and over and over again. I have other friends who can't have a conversation with another person right in front of them without whipping their phones out and texting someone else. It's just plain rude, but they don't see it that way. My husband and I get made fun of by our friends. Generators, dog sleds, horse and carriage, smoke signals, and more are all things they like to tease us about because we just got our first smart phones last year and still don't use them for the things most people use them for.

I don't get it either. I use my phone all the time when I'm at home, but I rarely use it in public. I don't understand how some people can be so addicted that they need to use it while driving.

Block your caller I.D., disguise your voice, call her phone lots of times with job offers, prize winning notices, date offers, etc. She'll never forget her phone again!

She didn't forget, it says she purposely left it behind.

I'd honestly just say "Your own fault stop whining" every time she attempted to bring it up

She should be working, not on her phone! (Unless the job includes it)

No one among us doesn't waste a little work time in their phone throughout the day

Tell her it's her own damn fault and ignore her

I've run home on my lunch break for this very reason. The anxiety from being without your lifeline is real. However, don't bitch about it when it's your own damn fault.

lissa1129 4

well found out my sons father and my mother are now engaged and moved in together. fml