By Otherguy / Tuesday 18 November 2008 07:36 / France
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By  PaperxHearts_xox  |  0

You deserved it. Just think; if you had just picked it up, you would've stayed basically inconspicous, and you wouldn't be embarassed.
but since you felt no need to pick up your crap, you got embarassed.
good for the waiter x)

By  Raedoll  |  0

Well, if the Condom was in your wallet you -deserved- the embarrassment. Ifnot, I'm sorry that happened but really honestly it's not that hard to pick it up. I'm a girl and I've had a condom in my wallet, my guy friends gave me the oddest looks but I said it was a joke; ESPECIALLY because the condom was in my wallet.

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