By sadbride - 26/10/2012 03:58 - Bahamas - Nassau

Today, 60 guests for my wedding were supposed to arrive to the Bahamas. The first and only hurricane of the season decided to crash my wedding, stranding my mom, maid of honor and best man. No one will be able to attend my wedding, except the other drunken hotel guests. FML
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Sucks :( at least your fiancé is there...

Gotta say, weddings are planned months in advance before these things can be foreseen.


Sucks :( at least your fiancé is there...

Don't worry, her wedding will have a second wind.

I'm sure some good luck will blow her way :)

I'm with 1. You're still getting married. Make the best of it and maybe you guys can renew your vows in a year so everyone can celebrate together.

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I live in the Bahamas! Hurricane Sandy did mess a lot of stiff up though. I wonder where you were getting married.

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It's mother natures way of saying hey! That sucks though, FYL! at least you're with the significant other(: that's all that really matters

Mother Nature is one F***ed up lady then.

Gotta say, there's a lovely technology called a weather report

Gotta say, weddings are planned months in advance before these things can be foreseen.

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Yea but if its the beginning of the season she should know that and not plan a wedding in a hurricane zone in the hurricane season...

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75 is right... We dont get manny hurricanes from here on out. Cold weather down south seizes a lot of the activity so i got lost when OP said the first of the season o.0

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Even if you planed this out you gotta cancel the wedding cus of the weather you don't want to have a crap wedding

Congratulations though. Hope the weather gets better.

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Maybe this is a sign? Sorry though, I know it's supposed to be your special day. Keep your head up, it'll work out in the end.

Why would you say that? Op and his/her fiancé could and probably are perfectly happy

Mother Nature was angry because you were stealing its thunder!

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*Hope you learn your lesson, should hav gone to Vegas like everyone else!

What was the lesson? Don't plan your wedding on a beautiful island?

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Eloping and a destination wedding are two different things

This guy is just on a monumental thumbed down streak isn't he?

You do realize that means that's your fault? No one has liked your comments. None that I've seen.

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Just going to have to party for 60 then. Hope you went all inclusive!

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Shit happens, dont blame mother nature cause she'll come back stronger than before.