By poop - 08/03/2009 23:57 - United States

Today, I woke up at my grandparents house since my mom was out of town, still half asleep i went to brush my teeth. Mid brush my mouth started getting numb I looked again at the tooth paste I used..turns out it was my grandpa's anti-itch anal cream. FML
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oh i bet that tasted bad. i never done that but there were times where i was about to.

michaelscot23 0

I hope it at least made your breath minty fresh

brightnite 0

well that takes care or your tooth itch!

Classic jaw-drop moment for me just now. That is terrible.

haha me too! i literally had a jaw drop moment

Torialovesya 0

But if it wasn't used then op would of had to open it but probably looked to see if there was another one instead of opening a new one :)

tomorrowbroadway 0

Lesson learned: read the labels of everything, especially things you're putting in your mouth.

heres a tip: open your eyes when you wake up... idiot

Slender_Man 6

Here's a tip: don't be an asswipe