By properpissed - United States - San Francisco
Today, I was talking to one of my British friends online, and he told me to say "yew anchors" a few times really fast. I'm a fairly stupid person, and wasn't very focused, so I did as he said. When I finally figured what the words meant, my dad had heard and grounded me for cursing. FML
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  SimplyEcks  |  15

Reminds me of some of Bart Simpsons' prank calls to moe the bartender.

Amanda Hugginkiss
Al Cohlic
Oliver Klozoff
I.P. Freely
Jacques Strap
Seymour Hutz
Homer Sexual
Bea O' Problem
Ivana Tinkle
Anita Bath
Maya Buttreeks
Ura Snotball
Ollie Tabooger
Ahmed Adoudi
Maya Normusbutt
Drew P. Wiener
Yuri Nater

Love those prank calls haha

But on topic, if you try to explain how your friend asked you to say it fast your dad might understand it was unintentional.

  \  |  28

All that truly ran through my head hearing this was "GET ON THE POINT, WANKA!"

  GreatGeak  |  8

Ok so I figured it out, but I didn't think that was an American curse word as well...I'm surprised OP's father considered it cursing. I mean, that's like me saying "bloody person", it doesn't mean as much in the U.S.

  8313girl  |  28

Yeah I agree. The only way I see it being a big deal is if OP and her family are also British. I just can't see any American really getting upset about the word wanker.