By Eisenhorn - 20/07/2013 05:47 - United States

Today, I woke up with a half-shaved head, thanks to the friends I let crash at my place last night. I have work in an hour and a half, and they hid my hair clippers. FML
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Eisenhorn tells us more.

Thanks for all the great replies, it is awesome to have one of my stories put up. My friends were kind enough to give me back my clippers before work, so I had enough time to get ready. To give a better image to everyone, my hair was about shoulder length and very curly. On the plus side, it is a lot cooler for me now than it previously was. We were able to have a good laugh about it, and I have payback to look forward to.

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An hour and a half is more than enough to completely shave your head at the barber's.


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At least he still has both of his eyebrows. Lol

#20 What if they shaved the front half?

Does OP have a razor blade ? If so should of used it

Yup, because that'll work great an half a head of hair, likely longer than stubble. You try it and tells us how it goes.

An hour and a half is more than enough to completely shave your head at the barber's.

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My thoughts exactly. Either that or go buy or borrow a new pair of clippers and do it yourself

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Complete the look and completely change one half of your look and become Harvey Dent, time to get Two Faced.

invite them over again and return the favor then find new friends

I'd have to agree with you on that...

football98_fml 20

true friends r the ones who prank u and joke with u the most, but i think they took it too far this time. FYL OP!

A prank is a prank and a joke Is a joke. But when it can cost you your job. That's too far.

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Shave half their heads and write a message on their mirror that says "SOON." (If you get this you're awesome)

You might be able to pass it off as a Skrillex phase xD

You better run your ass to the local barber...

Doesn't take long to submit and FML.

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11 - They didn't word it as great but its 1 in a half hours not half an hour.

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Didn't word it very good....."Hour and a half" how much more plain can it be