By FuglyBetty - 13/11/2014 16:44 - Norway - Arendal

Today, my dad finally added me on Facebook, When I looked through his photos, I quickly noticed he'd heavily photoshopped the photos I'm in to make me look prettier. FML
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Well, they're his genes... On a serious note, FYL OP, it's a dad's job to support their daughters and make them feel beautiful.

well just because he made you prettier doesn't automatically mean you are ugly .. cheer up


Well, they're his genes... On a serious note, FYL OP, it's a dad's job to support their daughters and make them feel beautiful.

I was thinking that it could be a kind gesture as well, if OP usually photoshopped her pictures and felt very insecure about herself. Posting unflattering photos could've made OP more upset. As in, it's not certain her father meant to be a douche.

I was just pointing out the fact that she doesn't even respect herself. if op goes around calling herself ugly she's giving permission to others to follow suit

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I'm pretty sure OP used FuglyBetty cause she assumes her dad thinks she's ugly because he photoshopped her face in the pictures he posted.

Or she was that before. Maybe that's what caused the dad to photoshop her pictures.

The job if a father is definitely to support his family, but that second one is just a bit shallow.. I have a niece who asks me if she is pretty and cute all the time, the girl is 4 and already has a complex.

Uh no it is not. They are there to parent you not make you feel good about yourself.

well just because he made you prettier doesn't automatically mean you are ugly .. cheer up

Makes me wonder if the photoshop is a reflection of how he treats her in real life though

Thats awful! You should talk to him about it .

I've heard a lot of similar stories, I just don't understand why parents can be so rude to their children..

Im so sorry op. I'd be really upset if my dad did that.

You're dad can use photoshop on all the photos he wants. It doesn't hide the fact that he's an ass for not accepting how you look, and needing to change how you look before posting it. A little photoshop to make you look better is okay, but he shouldn't be heavily photoshopping a photo. It's a picture of you, and he's got problems if he is embarrassed to post pictures of you without changing them.

The only acceptable photoshopping is touching up the photo itself, like removing red eye or sharpening the entire shot. If he's using it to make her "look better", he's too concerned with her outer beauty to be considered an honorable father.

#19 What if OP were to have had a huge breakout recently or something similar? Then it would have been acceptable to edit that out. Not saying it's right for him to have heavily photoshopped her pictures because that is horrible but I think it's fine to edit minor things that would embarrass the person to have posted (bad break outs for example) not to necessarily make them look better but just to save the person of whom the picture was taken the embarrassment of all of the dad's friends seeing it. So really all I'm trying to say is there are some instances where minor changes are ok but he should never have heavily photoshopped them he should be proud of how she looks regardless. I apologize for being so long winded though!

justatree said "a little photoshop to make her look better is okay" and then got downvoted. and then mrconsice said the same thing and get up votes? i agree w you tree

Thank you! As far as photoshopping goes, little touches are fine, and even encouraged. On acne, for me personally, I would want to show her that acne isn't a big deal, and she shouldn't feel embarrassed of one or two pictures of herself with acne in them. God knows I have plenty of pictures with bad acne. But I would say it's okay to photoshop out acne if that's okay with her, and especially on important photos, like yearbook pictures. That's the image that everyone is going to remember you by, if you're not okay with the acne, then photoshop it out.

They're *not* the same. Re-read Tree's comment, it's implied it's okay to make changes to the subjects of the shot rather than the dynamics or attributes of the shot itself.

If you think about it most of our pictures are altered in one way or the other. Filters & such.

Especially the photos we take of ourselves. I always say a profile pic is how you want to look and a tagged photo is how you actually look.

Wow this is the first time I heard a child wanting to friend their parent on fb

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Seriously? Both my kids friended me on FB.

Very sad. But just unfriend him and move on with your life.