By Anonymous - 25/11/2012 18:55 - Europe

Today, my dad went through all the trouble of sneaking onto my laptop and photoshopping a bong into my Facebook profile picture, apparently just so he could win a €20 bet with my mom, that hinged on her grounding me by December. FML
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psychotics101 9

Just go buy some lingerie and leave where mom will find it. Problem solved.

jackrileymac 4


jackrileymac 4
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65- what a stupid comment... He shouldn't even grace you with his stupid ass. Stupid ass!

Slightly impressed by his dads photoshop skills though :P

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TheRandomIndian 17

Sounds like the dad is really good at photoshopping Or the mom is just that gullible

psychotics101 9

Just go buy some lingerie and leave where mom will find it. Problem solved.

Yea sure, grounds for divorce is a great solution.

23-this FML, which is grounds for you to get a ******* sense of humor.

Or since she's already grounded, Op should replace the dads lube with super glue.

39, finding your dad's lube is a fml in itself!

39 - I can just imagine the sex scene... 15 minutes later... Mom: Pull out, honey. Dad: I can't! I'm stuck!

psychotics101 9

That is why once dad is in the shithole that OP stands up and "You just got Punk'd". See? No Divorce.....

Go on his face book photoshop him having gay sex the reactions in the house would be funny.

But that involves looking at (photoshopped) pictures of your dad having gay sex.

It's not real so it doesn't matter....

unknown_user5566 26

4- I know you're kidding, but I think the possibility of causing a huge strain in the marriage (because of the "gay affair") would nullify the 'funny' reaction in the household.

#14 I know, but OP could tell them he did it as soon as everybody sees it and reacts to it. It is a good point though.

honeybadgerr 9

Guys.. Guys.. Can you imagine how hard it would be to photoshop someone having gay sex? Lol I'd love to see OP try to do that. But I doubt OP's mom would actually believe the picture if OP actually followed through on the gay sex prank.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Aaaand that's why I don't leave myself logged in/have the password automatically fill in. :P

That seems to be an incredibly obscure concern to have.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just the idea of my parents going through my stuff.

This is one battle you can never win... Win by getting him back and you'll still be grounded...

That's why he should. Either way, grounded. He might as well get his revenge while he's at it.

TheRandomIndian 17

She could win it if she showed her mum the original photo (if her dad didn't delete it) and compare the two together. Surely he can't be THAT good at photoshop!

Sure. That's the story. Stop worrying, OP, we won't judge you just because you smoke weed.

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honeybadgerr 9

Actually no. Most parents don't do this. I figured I should break it to you so you don't go around thinking this is normal

Today, FML didn't show my posted comment for ten minutes so I accidentally posted it twice. It got ten billion down votes. FML.

Wow 37 - this comment went right over your head, didn't it?

Lichinamo 33

A girl posted this. Girls don't use condoms for masturbating; they use fingers.