By Anonymous - 12/03/2015 22:26 - United States - Irving

Today, my mother in law accidentally cc'd me on an email she was sending to my husband, telling him that his youth is fleeting and that he should leave me while he still has time. FML
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nonsensical 26

maybe she wanted you to see...


nonsensical 26

maybe she wanted you to see...

that's what I'm thinking. it would be hard to accidentally CC unless she clicked reply all to an email from OPs husband that included OP. She definitely sounds like a monster-in-law though

CaitiieBuggs 23

My first thought was maybe it wasn't an accident. I'd suspect it'd be more work to go through and cc OP, but maybe they usually communicate through email and it's a habit?

Are you sure it was accidental? She may just be that manipulative...

hobbs96 26

FYL my mother in law is the same way, but worse.

Wow, she is definately trying to just scare you away, don't be affected by her though !

With in-laws there are no mistakes..., except for the ones that result from marriage

drayloon 50

You don't generally CC someone accidentally, your mother in law is just a bitch

"Accidentally". Too much faith in her OP, and this shows how little you should have in her!

"Accidentally" my ass. You are too kind in your assessment of the action.