By Danielle - 09/04/2011 23:00 - United States

Today, while dog sitting, the dog peed on the carpet. There was a bottle of cleaning spray on the counter so I sprayed the spot. Turns out that spray was Clorox Bleach. Now their carpet is bright orange. FML
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Tell the owners about their dog's strangely concentrated urine that bleached their carpet.


Didn't you read what the cleaning spray had in it?? Anddd first! :))

Just kidding, Second. Haha Im new to the site so I never get in like the top 10 comments! :p

lol, embarrassing. You're not first. That should be incentive for not trying to claim first, too risky, lol

I was wondering myself how OP didn't take any time to read the can... I mean... those things have like a thousand instructions and what not on them. OP deserves it.

Like I said if you read it, I said just kiddinggg!

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You don't want to say first on here. You will get moderated and everyone will start ripping you to pieces. Don't be a **** nugget and just say a real response.

**** nugget. I like the way it rolls on my tongue when I say it.

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haha heard it from a friend. It sounds so dirty though. Yeah can I please have an order of **** nuggets. I would not buy that shit.

It's a beautiful phrase :) I did a Google search and found out a **** nugget is solidified menstrual blood.

sounds like something I'd throw in my cereal. yum

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Let's go digging for **** nuggets! They will be worth more than gold nuggets in the future.

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Where does it say they think orange isn't a nice color?

YDI for not spraying the spot instead.

YDI cuz they said the sprayed the spot but it turned orange

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Doesn't bleach turn things white? You spelled spayed not sprayed. XD

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your dumb!!! spray your black clothes and see what happens!!! dare ya!!

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fail!!! it would have turned orange!! d**k head!!

who spelled spayed looks like sprayed both times to me?

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mz_booty 0

and go back to where u came from Australia doesn't want or need you here waste of space!!!!!!

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Oh it's her booty all right. A big, larry, laden with cellulite, crusty with unmentionables booty. ):

Smooth move! Check before you use something so accidents like that don't happen. I love the smell of bleach!

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Well I killed a skunk, lit it on fire, and placed it under my bed. Yeah I believe I just won.

i like the smell of a rotten corpse i am the winner now

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blood smells like iron and copper it's not a gross smell lose

Yuck! A lot of people do like the taste of blood. I think it's nasty, it makes me gag.

Give the room a retro feel, you might as well do the whole room now.