By jccwell - 23/09/2011 16:50 - United States

Today, my dad called, saying he was in town and that he wanted to see me. I was excited, thinking he wanted to come see my new apartment. Turns out he just wanted to borrow my Xbox. FML
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Sooo.... What's your gamertag??

Wow, another sucky father FML...did he buy you cigarettes when you were 15 too?


joecelticsballa 0

Tell him to F off and hide it

^You have to if they mess with your xbox.

chell1894 13

Xbox, mans best friend.

chell1894 13

And 9 I know plenty of fathers that *raised* their child that deserve a **** off.

xoconnie 8

LOL burn. sorry dude, thats quite sad.

flamerocker 9

Tell him you sold it for a PS3. That way, if he does visit you, it will be for you!

18 you put words in " " not * *, where did you learn how to type sarcastic????

chell1894 13

It's called a typo. Chill

1- Why would you hide it after telling him to F off. The reasoning behind telling him that is so you get to keep it and play it.

lolwutsameme 0

33- incorrect grammar, proper way to say that would be "sarcastically."

Sooo.... What's your gamertag??

kickazz16 15

Chucknorrisisadinosaurhunter :)

Ricky23J 0

S0 FI2ESH 23

There's a 20% chance that it's XxXSniperzzzXxX.

RebekahBrooke 9

Aww wow that's really sad. :(

U comment on alot of fmls

I'd tap you.

You two, tuck your boners... she's like 15

RebekahBrooke 9

You can't spell. You creep me out. And thank you!

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You know that you only get likes because of your picture.

SneakherHead 5

I liked your comment because of your picture Wendy

NagatoPain 4

63 I disliked your comment cause your acting like some smartass here on FML!

RebekahBrooke 9

So am I not supposed to have a picture of myself? :/

Yeah, looks like some people can't take a joke. I'm 16, I'll "tuck my boner"

Wow, another sucky father FML...did he buy you cigarettes when you were 15 too?

kaileb 7

Haha great dad bro

marpay 11

Play together. That would be more fun than letting it get you down.

This! And if the matriarch ever comes along to pick him up, send her straight to the kitchen... I Indeed, wars make people hungry. xD

RabidBunny 10

I know people are going to hate but I prefer PS3...let the flames begin

Have a nice friendly 1v1 with him. Umad dad?

Gamertag: Xx_Ass-Of-A-Dad_xX