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Today, I called in sick to work for a second day. After months of my boss trying to get me sacked by spreading vicious rumors about me, taunting me into retaliating, and generally making my life a living hell, he finally got his chance. He sent me a text saying, "yeh dont bother son ure fuckin fired." FML
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Too bad in most states it's borderline illegal to fire someone that way. Look at your company handbook. If it's a small owned business ur ****** tho.


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That sounds like a drunk text. But if not, at least you can go work somewhere with a boss who's not illiterate.

I would have quit. I wouldn't want to work for an asshole like that..

I wonder what OP did to piss him off so bad??

Who gives a ****, OP should quit his job and find a better one with a better boss. Like a boss.

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24- Uhm how could he quit when he got fired???

He could play that old "You can't fire me because I quit!" card.

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I would have sued or something cause that can't be legal.

Dang the absence policy at your work sucks. At least it wasn't a no call no show. Time to break in that ass monkeys car and shut on his drivers seat.

I'm pretty sure the text saying OP was fired is illegal, labor departments can be particular about terminology if the said terminated isn't "on the clock"

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It's not necessarily illegal, but definitely unethical not to mention extremely immature of the boss. This happened to my dads wife, but she knew what her boss was up to & documented everything & when they finally fired her, she took them to court & was showed them what her boss had been doing to her & got her job back & her old boss got demoted

Hey stro did it ever dawn you that slashing ones tires can also ruin someones day? Or something that doesnt involve you "shutting" in someones car.

I think ********* is much more personal and emphasizes the feelings felt towards the act.

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Me personally, I would have slashed the tires and pissed in his vents

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By the way op retaliation and or harassment is illegal. Please hire a lawyer. I had to when I was sexually harassed by a guy at work. I reported to the manger and then he retaliated and fired me.

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If he quits he wont be paid for the rest of the week

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No Oblivion, you take the gas out, and piss in the gas tank!

There ya go, except usually theres a screen that prevents that. And thats the same screen that got clogged because someone put sugar in it before i bought my used explorer. Id still piss in it. Invite friends too haha

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Unfortunately for you op NY has an employment at will law which means your boss can fire you for no reason at all. There are exceptions but you would have to prove you were discriminated against for one of the reasons the law protects (race, age, gender, etc.) fyl op, but don't retaliate, that would be illegal.

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OMG...your boss is...illiterate !! D:

Why take gas out? Just pour water in. That damages an engine just as badly.

Sugar does even more damage than water. It kills the fuel tank, the engine, and all of the lines.

I would say keep the chat log and attempt to sue this boss. This seems very illegal to me.

Not to mention his bosses grammar is that of an 10 year old.

74... Can't just sue everyone. He had a legitimate reason to fire him. I got fired from a job when my grandmother was lifeflighted to Hermann and I called in. Some bosses aren't worth working for OP. Better luck next time! Eff your coworkers lives...

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What job could OP possibly have where the boss talked like that...

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Wait, yes, I think 110 was right.

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I was right, people just don't see the irony.

His (ex)boss is an unintelligent douchecopter. This pisses me off.

157, calling in sick two days in a row can be grounds for termination depending on company policy (and I don't know one company that doesn't reserve that right). Could be OP called in after their shift started or didn't have a dr note.

Too bad in most states it's borderline illegal to fire someone that way. Look at your company handbook. If it's a small owned business ur ****** tho.

Right to work states they can do what they want. But I don't think ny is. I had to start dealing with that crap as I kept moving south. Op sorry to hear that you ate going through that. But it may turn into a good thing. Sometimes getting pushed out of a crappy place to work is the best thing because most people will suck it up and stay miserable for the paycheck. Good luck finding something that you enjoy in a place that has a good environment quickly.

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Right to work states can do this, as 57 mentioned. And If I'm not mistaken I believe NY is one of those states.

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Actually, depending on WHY the OP called in sick, the employer's conduct *may* be an unlawful termination under FMLA.

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What the hell did you work for anyway?

that suse sucks but the way he said it is enough for some legal issues so go get a lawyer and FHL karma is a bitch

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You can't use text messages in court

85, yes, you can. 4, that's not karma if such a thing even exists. It's called revenge.

104-Karma does exist. In fact it is one of the two ruling principles in this world. The other one is Irony, and it F-ing loves me.

Time for op to return the favor, in the most badass style there is... Silly string the office!

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you didn't want to work there any way, with an asshole for a boss. If you have evidence of what he was doing, your ultimate revenge might be to send a strongly worded letter to his boss, or to bring a suit of some sort. (Wrongful termination, unless you live in a 'Right to work' state)

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Hey buddy, bosses can get fired. Get your facts straight

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well maybe he's a supervisor instead. also you can sue your boss for job removal you idiot :D

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What he's doing is illegal actually, get the law involved and get his ass fired

Fired? THANK GOD! You need to get out of that shithole 'cause you deserve better.

it's not about morals and how people "deserve better". the economy is tough these days and you need a job no matter what

There's not many jobs that I would like well enough to put up with an illiterate boss

Hey! He's not illiterate; he used "ure" instead of "ur". That's better than most texts I've seen. That sucks, OP. If he'sbeen trying to get you fired, he probably got approval from higher-ups to let you go but it may not excuse the text. Look into it while you search for a better situation.

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That sucks. My fiancé got fired almost the exact same way, but we live in a "right to work" state, so nothing really could be done. I hope you find a better place to work.