By jess - 15/02/2012 17:47 - United States

Today, I walked out onto the driveway to find my mom standing on the wet pavement, screaming at the worms that had come out after the rain, saying that they were "on private property" and that they were "trespassing." All of our neighbors had come out of their houses to watch. FML
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Well I'd come out to watch too, I mean who do those worms think they are!? The nerve...

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Am I the only one who pictured the mom in a robe and curlers while smoking? It makes her seem even crazier if you do.


DisappearingRose 18

Sounds like a worm of a day!

FMLandurstoo 9

Was your comment supposed to make sense?

I laughed. I LOVE awful jokes lol. Speaking of awful jokes: have you heard that the energizer bunny was arrested? He was charged with battery! BU-DUM-PSSHHNT!!!

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That doesn't even make sense.. At #1.

64-and that was previously stated by #10

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It sounds like your mom is on some serious drugs.

The OP and her mother are from Montana(i was born and raised here) and if it is drugs it isn't's Meth and meth is a DANGEROUS drug

FMLandurstoo 9

What a crazy bitch! Sounds like my mum. FYL OP.

Hey, I don't know what kind of deal you mental institution does, but at our local mad house, if you bring someone in, you get a free toaster. I think its time you get a toaster OP.

FMLandurstoo 9

Hell, I'd turn myself in for a free toaster.

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OP could actually save the situation and even capitalize on it by charging the neighbors for the privilege of watching her mom's new, live "comedy routine". No one has to know about the crazy bitch part - she's just a terrific actress!

Only until someone goes for an autograph, and she screams and bitches at them for trespassing.


Ha, I keep reading 27's comments in a weird voice because of his picture.

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It's only trespassing if they were doing the worm to no music.

Damn.. someone should of brought the music lol.

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Dissected a preserved earthworm today. My friend made it do the worm. Your comment reminded me of that. Hahaha. :D

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Was that supposed to be funny?

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I hate worms. And they are king of trespassing.

And his bride queen of breaking and entering

'Breaking and entering' was the phrase used to describe Kim Kardashian losing her virginity!

Anyone up for a meat pie? Freshly baked! With a 'secret' meat ingredient of an 'unknown' variety! Yum!

MickGold 8

Haha, put some of that shit on my plate! Yum yum, eat'em up!XD

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Now that's a bit harsh. I'd rather be unknowingly fed worms than people.

O_o One of my teachers is named Mrs.Lovett... She's best friends with the Home EC teachers that gives me free food. They always smile weirdly when I eat it. Why didn't I make these connections before!?!

no, just the thought of its enought to make you sick

Well I'd come out to watch too, I mean who do those worms think they are!? The nerve...

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Fyl I bet she meant to embarrass you ;)

The white trash neighbor title goes to....

How do you know they're white? What makes you think she isn't just insane or hyped up on meds? Go to new York and you will find worse. Oh but if we say black trash... It's racist. These people could be black, Hispanic, hell maybe even asian. Think next time you prove your ignorance.