By Murphs_Law - 16/11/2016 06:37 - United States

Today, my crazy downstairs neighbor was yet again fighting with her boyfriend by slamming every door. When this didn't work, she went downstairs to fight with his grill. She wheeled it to the end of the driveway and pushed it over. FML
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Kristoffer 35

And what was the effect of that on you?

Of course, the last thing she needs is competition from another hot grill!


Kristoffer 35

And what was the effect of that on you?

Oh I dont know, maybe having to constantly put up with their arguing?

It's stressful to always be in such a tense environment, even if the anger isn't directed at you. It's awkward and uncomfortable and just generally unpleasant.

I kinda figured it was just the noise caused by all the door slamming, followed by a huge metal grill being tipped over. I imagine that would affect anyone within hearing distance.

I don't see how or why this effects you. **** the grills life, it got pushed over. Is the grill blocking your car or something?

as someone who lived with peopel who constantly fought, it can get very stressful. my husband and I lived with his mom and brother and brothers girlfriend for a year and the brother and girlfriend constantly fought. it can get very tense and very frustrating for the people who have to hear it.

Of course, the last thing she needs is competition from another hot grill!

stevenJB 25

I'd grab some popcorn and enjoy the show tbh. as long as no one's getting hurt obviously.

Wait. Your downstairs neighbor went....downstairs? And I mean the slamming doors part sucks, but the grill? Thanks for the sidenote I guess?

there could be three (or more) floors where the OP is living. OP is in the third floor, downstairs neighbor is in the second floor thus having to go downstairs to the ground floor. doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's a scenario like that.

awildwhisper 30

Crazy neighbors are just free entertainment. Besides slamming doors and as long as they aren't abusive I see no big issue.

I mean yeah it's entertaining when they are not arguing with you, but I enjoy peace and quiet sometimes..

what OP explained is exactly abusive behaviour. just because the neighbor, from our understanding, didn't hit the person they were yelling at doesn't mean it isn't abuse. what the neighbor did was a form of manipulation. 'if you don't do this I will break this' essentially the neighbor is using the guys possessions to attempt to gain control over him. which is abusive.