By poophead - 30/05/2015 02:39 - Philippines

Today, I went to a fancy beauty parlor to prepare for my sister's birthday party. The minute I stepped out of the salon, with my hair beautifully trimmed and curled, a bird decided to use it as a toilet. FML
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hippodankamus 22

*incoming puns related to shit and poop*


Oh please, its *you're. Its alright to not be sound with grammar but just make sure you don't make a blunder as a first comment. Rest, I am sorry if this was offensive. (fml has warned me already for being a Grammar Nazi)

assassinbanana0 20

Wish people would learn by now the "shitty puns" really aren't that funny

itssnotfunny 24

And this bird's arsehole is literally the problem here.

rabid_otaku 29

Birds actually lack anal sphincters.

Well that explains a lot 43! It's just pouring out and they can't stop it. Yuck.

I hope you didn't ruin your hair to get it out. Yikes!

I don't understand how this got down voted, I do hope it didn't mess her hair up.

It don't really matter. Great time to test customer service. If they don't offer to fix it, don't come back

I think it probably got down voted because people think there's no way it didn't get ruined. I mean in order to get the poop out she would've had to wash it, thus destroying the whole style. :( I would've walked right back in and see if they could help wash and fix it. Hopefully they'd give a discount, but if not, it's probably worth paying to get it out right away and still get a nice style

hippodankamus 22

*incoming puns related to shit and poop*

You're about three puns too late there, #6.

They aren't poopular anymore. Shit, I made a shit related pun. Well, crap.

#16, when I read "poopular", I read it in Lucille Ball's voice in the vitameatavegemin episode which made your comment even funnier :D

KhaleesiDannie 26

Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties?

Ouch, that must have sucked, after all the work you put into it. I hope you got enough time to redo it. FYL

Dom_Olivares 12

Could you show them the surprise you received and maybe they could fix it?

Sorry about the hair O.P mabey they could fix it for you since you just got it done.