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Today, my little brothers wouldn't stop teasing me over the fact that I'm a virgin and they are not. They are 13 and 16, I'm 22. What's worse? My dad quickly joined them. FML
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Don't mind them. Getting laid should never be a competition.

I really hope the 13 year old is kidding. I doubt you're equipped to deal with the possible consequences of sex at that age.


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Time to lower your standards and get laid.

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I think there is too much pressure on young people to have sex these days. I'm 21 and waiting and I can assure you it's not because I have too high of standards or never had the chance. Just a personal choice.

12- Like many others, I could have lost my v-card much earlier than when I did, but the "opportunities" weren't girls I really liked, and I was petrified of getting someone pregnant at 14. When I was 19, I went for it, but not because of peer pressure, I didn't give a shit what anyone thought about my sex life. It felt right then, and that was a good enough personal reason for me then. :)

I think it sucks that having "high standards" is seen as a bad thing. What's wrong with waiting until you've found the right guy or girl? What's wrong with wanting someone who you are both physically and mentally compatible with? Why is it ok for people to be picky with their food or their clothing, but not with the people they have sex with?

I lost it just before I was 17, but felt like I was ready for it since 15. I lost it because I was in a very 'experimental' relationship - hadn't even had a french kiss before. Wish I waited a bit though. The boyfriend after was/is the jackpot :p

Or get pregnant and see whether or not they laugh now

OP clearly has morals and is waiting for the right person. Not because their standards are too high. Sorry OP it is sad your 13 year old brother is not a virgin. I waited until I was 18 and with someone I really loved before I had sex. Just ignore the idiocy and be you and keep with your choices of waiting

Don't feel bad, OP. You have the true moral high ground in comparison to people who think having sex by 13 is a good thing. It may suck a bit, but at least you'll have some satisfaction that you aren't a ***** like your little brother.

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Definitely not the reason to lose your virginity. It honestly upsets me that that's what people are mocked for nowadays. Be proud, OP! You're basically a unicorn! But in a good way.

I lost it when I was 16, still with the same guy 5 years later. But even through all that, I wish I would have waited longer. There is nothing wrong with waiting.

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Wow insensitive for you. OP never lower your standards cause the dead fruits are on te bottom of the tree, it's just you willing to stick a leg out and climb to the top is commendable. Great job :)

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totally agree 172, in fact u shouldn't have sex before your 16 I think, because our bodies aren't mature enough too handle that yet.

Don't mind them. Getting laid should never be a competition.

Well, from an evolutionary perspective... ;)

What's the prize for being first to get laid? Herpes?

I really hope the 13 year old is kidding. I doubt you're equipped to deal with the possible consequences of sex at that age.

doesnt mean he didnt hit puberty yet or that he didnt get curious or that there wasnt any pressure or something from friends

3- I suspect the 13 year old isn't kidding, as I read somewhere the average age a kid loses their virginity is 12 these days. :p Brutal.

Having had sex when I was 11, I have no problems seeing a 13 year old having had sex as well. It wasn't anywhere near the same quality sex as it is when you turn 16-17 though.

36, I suppose I can't really talk I was 14 but I'm still with the girl I lost it to 3 years later. I probably was a bit young but I'd researched how to protect myself and we'd talked about it on various occasions beforehand. It wasn't spur of the moment because we were horny.

I also had my first child at the age of 30, cause I know someone will comment about how many 16 year old pregn girls did I leave in high school ....

36- Elmo, just because you were 14 then doesn't mean you don't have right to think it may have been too young Now. Life experiences and time can teach us a lot about ourselves, and in growing up and learning, our opinions grow and change too, hopefully. If anything, I'm more likely to listen to you Because you speak from experience. :) But kudos for both being safe about it, and still being with your partner, sounds like you made a good selection. :)

I was 15 and I still think that was too young.

I was 13 but I never used that as a "better than you" to anyone

I'd like to know how girls know they like girls at 14

90, we were friends and we realised we were both interested in more. 14 isn't that old to find out you're not straight plenty of people know younger than that.

To me, it'd seem like you'd realize what gender you're interested in when you hit puberty and become interested in dating.

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This may be a dumb question but how do girls "protect" themselves from lesbian sex ?

99, look up dental dams and it's recommended you use condoms on shared sex toys.

45- having sex at 11 is NOT GOOD! Just so you know!

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I lost my virginity at 17. I still think I was young, but I was mentally prepared and my boyfriend is someone worthy. There was some pressure from my girl-friends (who were 13 and 15 when they lost theirs), but I did want to do it with my boyfriend. I did a lot of research and we used protection. I don't think there's a certain age that people should start having sex, everyone's ready for it at different times, but I do think people should only do it with someone who's really special to them. I can't imagine being with anyone other than my boyfriend, but my girl-friends' numbers of sexual partners are in the 20's.

Hope little brothers are wrapping the packages- they won't be bragging when they get some girl pregnant or get an STI. Don't worry OP, you do what is right for you and don't listen to others

45, ELEVEN??? I assistant coach a girls softball team of 11 year olds and I know that they and any other 11 year old I know are certainly not mature enough! Had you even gotten your period yet at that age? I was playing club penguin when I was 11... I don't mean to shame you because at 11 of course you wouldn't understand, but you seem to be condoning it which I will have to disagree with you on.

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45, you made me lose faith in humanity, and my generation.....

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Hi, almost 17 and a virgin. c:

I don't know. I'm not old now but when I was younger I was always in love with boys, unlike my friends. I was a weird horny child.

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I was 16 when I gave my virginity to my husband, we were just dating then. He started having sex before he was 14, and he says it's one of his biggest regrets.

#151- some people feel losing your virginity is a personal opinion of what sex is. For example a person of any sexual orientation might feel that losing your virginity is oral or any kind of sexual context. Others feel that losing your virginity is the breaking of the hymen either throught the use of genitalia, toys, etc..

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I am 13 now and I can't imagine losing it now, nor do I want to. I'd rather wait till I know I am ready and can cope with the consequences if necessary.

Being 13 now too I couldn't imagine losing it either I can't find myself to kiss someone yet either but there are many people saying they did it with this person and junk like that and I just sit there like well uh that's nice...

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Its not bad, your virginity is a precious thing, save it for the right person, you do right

Eventhough I completely share your opinion, I feel obliged to say that not everyone finds his/her virginity precious and want to save it for the right person, and that's okay either. No need to judge.

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I agree not everyone does and everyone should feel the need to loose it to whomever whenever they want, not to feel its a compition

Why is being called a virgin an insult?

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#64, because for a young man, that means you are too ugly, or otherwise objectionable, to get laid even once. Ask any teenage boy who has been through puberty and has never had sex if he's a virgin by choice. I'll bet you that you'll get a no answer 90+% of the time.

That's what I'm always wondering. I don't see what's bad about it. We're so rare, we're ******* UNICORNS!!! Just use your magic to send the 11 year olds who have already had sex numerous times to the moon. :3

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#67, if you're ******* unicorns, you are no longer a virgin. ********** counts, sorry.

I have the Unicorns fight the Narwhals and then I choose

That's why our society is so messed up these days

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I agree with you #4. In my own personal opinion, I believe that because you can only give your virginity once it is one of the most intimate and precious gifts you can ever give to your partner. So choose wisely. I had always felt this way about my virginity and I wanted to give it to my future husband only. Sadly this precious gift was stolen from me when I was repeatedly and violently raped by my ex boyfriend over the span of four days at the age of 17. My parents gave me a promise/purity ring when I was 13 and I treasured it greatly. Not because I wanted to please my parents in that aspect, but because I genuinely felt that way myself. After the rape I felt as though I didn't deserve to wear it any longer because I didn't feel pure. I felt extremely ashamed and filthy. It took me a very long time to realize that because I did not choose to lose my virginity and had absolutely no say in the matter, that I was still pure and I considered myself to still be a virgin in a way. I chose to retain my beliefs and personal convictions and did not have sex with anyone else after that just because I was not technically a virgin anymore. When I met my now husband I was finally able to choose to give him my 'virginity'. And that felt pretty damn good to me. Now, just because I have these beliefs about virginity does not mean that I judge anyone who does not have the same beliefs as I do. I'm perfectly ok with anyone who differs from me in their personal choices. Because that's what it is, their personal choice. And I respect that. And I don't think it's right to judge or put anyone down just because they are, or are not, a virgin. That's just silly.

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No sensible has sex when they're 13, sorry but your family is plain ridiculous and your dad is another level...

Wizardo 33

No one* my bad guys, got a bit annoyed at the stupidity in the world...

13 years olds do have sex. My nephew is proof...he became a father on his 14th birthday

Wizardo 33

Hence why I said 'sensible' and that's the reason, good luck to him raising his child...

Don't worry about it too much, I was 21 on my first time with a girl who was 22 and it was her first time too. You just gotta get out there and meet the write person.

There is nothing wrong with staying a virgin for some time. I am 18 and plan to continue being a virgin until I get married.

Same with me :) I want to save myself for the person that I spend my life with.

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Same here! I'm a 23 year old virgin. I've been with my boyfriend nearly 3 years and we've both agreed to wait :)

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Same, but this is why most guys at my school don't ask me out. :/

Good, because they aren't people you'd want to date anyway. :)

Same here. I'm 19 and am saving my self for someone I know I'll love and be with forever. my hands all I need atm xD

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I really hope the 13 yr old one was joking :/ don't worry about it op you'll find your perfect guy to lose it to unlike them who just gave it away

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I think op is a boy (I mean he could be gay), but I don't think a girls father would make fun of her for being a virgin.

Don't worry, after their girlfriends get on "16 and Pregnant" they'll be invited back to "32 and Grandparents"

That's nothing; back when I was a Pediatric Nurse, had a 6 month old patient, mom was 13, grandma was 28, great grandma was 43 and great great grandma was 59.

One of my mom's cousins was a biological grandmother at 26. She had a son when she was 13, and he had a kid when he was 13.

That's just pathetic. Their dad encouraging it says a lot.

That would mean the father had OP when he was 10...

No offense OP but you have a messed up family! Cannot believe your DAD wants you to have sex! Be proud!