By joeidk - 12/05/2013 00:07 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I finally convinced my mom to read Fight Club. As English isn't her first language, she occasionally asked me to translate some of the words. Her latest question: "What's a dildo?" FML
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ItsAnanya 25

You could have just NOT convinced her to read it OP. YDI.

Just tell her what it is for her reaction


ItsAnanya 25

You could have just NOT convinced her to read it OP. YDI.

Mister_Triangle 21

So miss out on spreading influential literature and a potential bonding experience because OP forgot that "dildo" was in the book?

The brief mentioning of a dildo doesn't hold a candle to what the rest of the book is about so I dunno why he's so embarrassed.

Reading > not reading Fight Club is a great work of literature.

Just tell her what it is for her reaction

Tell her it's a weapon....of affection!

A weapon of mass seduction.

Like she was supposed to remember a specific word like dildo. FYL

This sounds like it would be an awkward parent-child talk but reversed, the only thing that is the same is the awkwardness...

"It's an extinct bird that was incredibly friendly, thus leading to their imminent downfall..."

In context to the book, your comment offers very strange imagery. Especially the "very friendly" part.

grahmagog 14

I kinda think you mean Dodo?

Thank you #33 that is the joke

You broke the 1st and 2nd rules OP!

Considering Fight Club is just that awesome, I'd say explaining what A dildo (not, Your dildo) is, is definitely worth it. Still a big Ydi though! ;)

Haha awkkkkwaaarrrdddd

I can just picture someone saying that in real life and taking 10 seconds to say the word 'awkward'.

crammer1 6

Why would you want her to read it anyways? To better understand your generation and way of thinking? You definitely deserve it.

How about... 'cause its an awesome book?

#10, it's a book set about 10 years ago. What the fuck are you on about?

If you don't explain this to her now, this sticky situation could stick with you and be lengthened. I suggest you receive the reprocussions of what you did.

Was this a terrible attempt at a pun? No, really, do tell... I'm actually not sure.

masta1080 5

back to the good ole shouldn't use words you can't spell.. repercussions *

I know this is taking the piss but why not, it's fun! It's old.