By Anonymous - 26/10/2014 03:28 - United States - Salem

Today, my brother got upset at his video game and flung his DS at the wall, just as I was walking by. I got knocked out to the sound of someone crossing the finish line in MarioKart. FML
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At least it wasn't a green shell

sounds like he has some anger issues. aaaaand i can imagine that a nintendo ds can leave a nice mark on your face. hope it's only a minor injury!


sounds like he has some anger issues. aaaaand i can imagine that a nintendo ds can leave a nice mark on your face. hope it's only a minor injury!

The things MarioKart can do to screw your happiness. Trust me, friendships have been ruined all over due to MarioKart....and Monopoly

yeah i've played plenty of mario kart, but i never got so angry about it, that i threw (expensive) things around, and i don't think anyone should!

What? I play monopoly with my friends all the time! Well, used to, before we all... oh.

24: point and case I "never threw anything expensive", implying that you threw inexpensive things. Mariokart is a destructive, dangerous game.

Uno can be pretty rough too

Don't even get me started on Pokemon... When you just CAN'T beat a Gym leader, or a trainer, or the Elite Four. OR when you're trying to catch a wild pokemon but you keep killing it or it keeps getting away

two words, Whitney's milktank

I think ur bro needs a break from mario and go play outside

41- aka Satan spawn

Mario Party ruins lives.

you're a noob. who has trouble beating a gym leader? Just train some. now breeding, on the other hand, is frustrating.

Training is frustrating sometimes

what?! Mario party is the greatest game ever

and super smash bros

Brother played DS. Brother got mad at DS. Brother threw DS. DS hit OP. OP got KO'd. The end.

Sounds like OP's brother was really playing a game of Mortal Kombat.... And OP lost.


ugh!! I cant stand those blue shells! Right at the finish line too!

At least it wasn't a green shell

Or worse...a blue one.

Even better it's not a blue shell

Wheres the star when you need it most.?

The great Black Star is HERE!

A green one would have missed op.

I'd say keep the DS from him and put him in a time out

My bet is that the DS is no longer in prime playing condition (unless of course it was one of the older models, those were tanks.) It very well might be useless to OP. However, I would pocket that Mario Kart game, even the old version is worth 40$ (and there's nothing like Rainbow Road when you're in long car rides)

I kept everything my brother ever threw at me, for years I just had a stock pile of his crap in my room.

Amazing way to go out.

Also a great story to tell others. Or your children, should you have gotten a cut/scar from it

He crossed the finishline at the moment the DS hit your head? Thats timing. Try to achieve this when you actually WANT to.

No i think OP's brother lost so he threw the ds in anger and it hit OP. Someone else probably crossed the finish line. Because I don't think you throw ds's when you're winning :P.

You got knocked out to the sound of greatness

at least you went out with a win

As long as he finished

That's what she said

If it makes you feel any better, the wording of this FML made me laugh. Good on you, OP.